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Jiji Maa: Falguni faces a new hurdle. She makes badam halwa to impress Haryali Bua. Uttara sends Shom to dump the halwa. Falguni manages to get another share of halwa to serve to Bua. Uttara wants to spoil Falguni’s image. She wishes Bua to scold Falguni, but fails. Bua gets a dream. She alerts Rawat family about the misfortune coming. She tells them that just the family heir can save them from the inauspicious phase. She wants either of Niyati and Falguni to give the heir to Rawat family.

Suyash and Falguni hide the fact that Niyati can’t conceive. Uttara wants Niyati to have a child soon. She tells her that just Niyati can give the heir to them. Falguni asks Uttara to leave the decision on Vidhaan and Niyati. Falguni helps Niyati in hiding the secret. Suyash and Falguni can’t get married for the next six months. Falguni tells Bua that she can’t give the heir to family within ten months. She tries to tell Bua about Niyati’s helplessness.


Aditya isn’t aware of Zoya. He gets absorbed in work. Aditya happens to spot Zoya. He finds his past knocking again. He regrets for their past. He doesn’t want to think of Zoya, who didn’t value his love. He meets with an accident and bashes up people in a fit of rage. Aditya gets arrested by police for the public fight. She stays curious to know about Zoya, even though he maintains that he hates Zoya. Aditya and Zoya come face to face.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Prerna will be realizing her love for Anurag. She stays restless. She is in love with Anurag. His memories start troubling her. She wonders how will she manage her life. She regrets to get away from her family after her marriage. She doesn’t want to marry Navin. She can’t break the marriage for the sake of her family. Prerna gets influenced about Anurag’s words, that she shouldn’t marry Navin. She starts thinking over her life’s biggest decision.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika gets raging on Puneesh, when he badly eyes Arya. Vedika beats up Puneesh. She pours kerosene on Puneesh and threatens to kill him. She has tolerated a lot in her life. She doesn’t want Arya to go through the same suffering. She asks Puneesh to limit his evil. He asks her to spare his life. He agrees to obey her. Vedika stands against his evil. She asks him to sign the property papers and return everything to Agarwal family. Vedika compels him. He agrees to give away the property. He wants to save his life first. He gets scared of Vedika. Vedika and Sahil’s romance will be seen. Sahil becomes a support for Vedika. They take some love vows. This will be part of the flashback. Vedika will be facing Sahil’s lookalike Jacky and exposing his truth.

YRKKH: Maheshwaris refuse to stay back in Goenka house. Kartik asks them the reason for leaving. Vishwamber tells him that it will be good if they go after spending the day with them. Varsha tells Kartik that there will be many problems for Goenkas if they stay back. She expresses the same complaints which Dadi stated. Dadi doubts that Naira has revealed her annoyance to Maheshwaris. She gets upset on Naira.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer-Zara to have another big conflict… Kabeer and Zara have a heated argument over Zeenat’s son Amaan’s schooling. They have different opinions about Madarsa studies. Zara is against the Madarsa, while Kabeer supports the education provided there. Zara tells Kabeer that Amaan should continue studies at a formal school. Kabeer and Zara love each other a lot and have courage to keep their distinct opinions. Zara tells Kabeer that there are just boys in the Madarsa, there are few girls admitted there. She asks why does Madarsa have a problem with girls. She asks him to answer Ruksar’s innocent question that she wants to study in Madarsa.

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