Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s clever idea enlightens Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking revelation for Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s clever idea enlightens Bhallas… Ishita comes up with an idea to teach a lesson to Sudha and her sons. Ishita wants to secure her daughters’ future. She doesn’t want Aaliya and Ruhi’s future to get ruined. She frames Sudha and her sons in the domestic violence case initially. Moreover, she compels Rohan and Karan to live with them in the Bhalla house on the set of their terms and conditions. Sudha is left with no option than to accept Ishita’s conditions to stop her sons’ arrest. Simmi tortures Rohan and Karan. She turns them into house servants. Simmi tells them that she will beat them if they don’t do the work right. Sudha visits Bhallas. She receives a shock when she finds her sons working as servants with sad faces.

Sudha loses to Bhallas. Simmi tortures Karan and tells him that she will burn his hand by hot water. Rohan and Karan run to Sudha. Rohan hugs her and asks her to take them home. They tell Sudha how much Ishita, Raman and Simmi are torturing them. Sudha scolds Bhallas for daring to torture her sons.

Rohan tells Sudha that even Aaliya and Ruhi are troubling them a lot. Sudha didn’t expect Bhallas to do this. Sudha asks them to spare her sons. Rohan and Karan struggle as servants. They get dressed as servants, and sleep in the kitchen. Sudha feels sad for them. Simmi asks Karan to keep the hot water bucket in the bathroom. Karan can’t even object. Ruhi scolds Karan. She asks him to get lost if he can’t bear this, she will call police and shift him to jail. Bhallas ask Sudha to better leave. Mrs. Bhalla also lies and troubles Karan. Kaushalya asks Sudha to not worse things by arguing. She takes Sudha with her. What will Sudha do to save her sons from Bhallas? Keep reading.

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