Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Navin celebrates his victorious stride

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag seeks help from Ronita. He tells her that this is a golden chance for her to take revenge on Navin for his evil act. He assures that he will support her. He takes Ronita to the family, when she appears willing to get Navin punished. Anurag tries to expose Navin. He shows the evidences against Navin and brings Ronita to them. Ronita reveals Navin’s truth to the Basus. Navin refuses to know Ronita. He asks Mohini to trust him. Ronita asks Navin how much will he lie. She gets angry that Navin is lying once again. She asks Navin why did he do this with her. She reveals that he had married her and sold her to someone after taking her to London.

She regrets for believing him. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen with someone else. She wants to save Prerna’s life like Anurag. Navin doesn’t lose and begins his new drama. He begs to Ronita. He asks her not to ruin his life. He asks Ronita to speak up, and tell him who is instigating her against him.

Navin asks Ronita not to do this, since his marriage will break. He gets blackmailing Ronita. This makes Ronita change her mind. Anurag asks Ronita not to get afraid. Ronita tells Mohini that Rahul is Navin’s enemy, he is jealous of Navin, he wanted this marriage to break. Anurag asks her what nonsense is she saying. She changes her entire story. Anurag tells Mohini that Ronita is lying by some fear.

Ronita tells them that she accepts Navin’s love for Prerna. Mohini asks Anurag to stop it now. Anurag is well aware of Navin’s truth. He beats up Navin in anger. Mohini slaps Anurag to put an end to this drama. Its a worst moment for Mohini. Since she loves Anurag a lot, she feels sorry to slap him. She holds her anger and cries. Navin wins once again. He uses his smart idea to change the game. Navin outdoes Anurag by making the last winning move. Mohini regrets seeing Anurag’s madness to prove Navin wrong.

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