Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A major shock for Tevar next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi tries to help the neighbor. She doesn’t lose heart when she gets scolded. She stays positive. She recalls the days when she stayed in Sikandar’s house. She bonds with the neighbors. She gets more innocent in her talks and tries to impress them. She knows that the people need time to accept her. She wants the people to stay happy and have a calm mind. She turns helpful to everyone. The old men don’t want Tevar to sing. They don’t want any disturbance. Kulfi tries to convince them that they allow Tevar to practice singing. Kulfi soon impresses them and wins their hearts. She knows that once they understand the meaning of real friendship, they will keep it too.

She wishes that Tevar doesn’t get stressed about it. She hopes that Tevar has a good day. Sikandar is in search for Tevar and Kulfi. He misses to see Tevar. Kulfi tells Tevar that she will make him friends with the neighbors. She is hopeful that Tevar’s problems will begin to subside once he begins singing.

Sikandar reaches the same place and gets to hear Kulfi singing. Kulfi wants the old men to accept Tevar. She asks them to stay happy and let them live happy. She tells them that Tevar won’t make any noise and make good songs. Sikandar tries to reach Kulfi. Kulfi is sure that Tevar will get acceptance. The old men explain the reason for their refusing to Tevar. Kulfi connects with the sorrow of the woman. She attempts to melt the woman’s heart. Amyra wishes that Kulfi doesn’t know the truth of her father.

Kulfi convinces the neighbors to befriend Tevar and allow him singing. Kulfi suddenly collapses. She gets too tired by the big task. She gets emotionally drained too. Kulfi always tries to end others sorrow. This brings a big shock for Tevar. He lacks the funds and worries for Kulfi’s treatment. Will Sikandar come to help them by reaching on time? Keep reading.

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