YHM: Bhallas gift an insulting surprise to enemies

YHM: Bhallas gift an insulting surprise to enemies

YHM: Ruhi and Aaliya give a lecture to their husbands. They give new responsibility to them, only to add up the troubles. Raman and Ishita enjoy the sight. They want Rohan and Karan to suffer like they wanted them to suffer. Raman faces the new problem hit by Sudha. He learns the company’s bad record. He understands that its Sudha’s new plan. He wants to find out if there is any employee by name Payal. He tells Ishita that Payal has lied about the worker’s death. He doesn’t remember the worker’s details. Ruhi tells Raman that there is the fake record. She wants Raman to prove Sudha’s fraud. Karan learns what Sudha has done.

He asks Raman did Sudha teach him a lesson. He scolds Raman. He wants Raman to come on the roads. He says you got us here to teach us a lesson, now you shall see what happens.

Rohan asks Karan not to get arrogant, else they will have to do more work. Karan tells Rohan that he isn’t scared of anyone. Mihika and Aaliya make the breakfast for them. Rohan and Karan do the series of tasks on their orders. They want to have food. They do all the work to get saved from the jail. They get glad to have the tasty food. They face troubles when they get upset stomachs after having the food. Rohan and Karan are asked to attend Jagrata with Mrs. Bhalla at some neighbor’s house. Mrs. Bhalla insults them and turns them into servants even at neighbor’s house. They are bearing all the tortures just for the sake of Sudha. Karan tells Rohan that he can’t tolerate more from the Bhallas. Karan wants to rebel against the Bhallas. What step will Karan take against the Bhallas? Keep reading.

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