Bepannaah: Zoya’s re-entry not to be missed


Bepannaah: Noor and Arjun’s love story takes a new twist when they meet again. Arjun tries to bond with Noor once again. He wishes that their relation takes off some day. Noor seems to hold interest in Arjun. Aditya and Zoya’s lives also meet at the crossroads again. Aditya wants to ensure Anjana’s safety at all costs. He gets no support from anyone. Arjun learns about Aditya’s move. Aditya doesn’t feel shocked when he sees Zoya. He acts that he is normal and doesn’t care for Zoya’s return. Zoya joins the hospital for Anjana’s sake. She looks after Anjana. She wants Anjana to recover soon.

Zoya wishes Anjana accepts her heartily and all the misunderstandings subsides. Aditya learns about new psychiatrist, who is helping Anjana recover. He misses to see Zoya again. Anjana gets talking about Zoya and describes her as an angel. Aditya is sure that he can pay for the medical care to the psychiatrist. He wants the smile on Anjana’s face. Arjun confronts Aditya about missing the business meetings and also passing the tension about Anjana. Arjun clashes with Aditya.

Aditya asks Arjun to manage Anjana than to lecture him. He yells at Arjun and proves that he is happy with Anjana. Aditya vents out anger on Arjun, being frustrated over Zoya. Meanwhile, Arjun stays cool tempered than Aditya. He holds many wonderful memories of Noor. He wants to know if Noor has moved on in life. She shares her life’s happenings with him. She puts herself into social work to keep herself engaged. Arjun regrets that their relation ended. Noor clears to him that things can never get normal between them. She hates to fight with Arjun. Aditya gets convinced that the hospital isn’t succeeding in Anjana’s care. He decides to take Anjana home. Zoya steps back in Aditya’s life for the betterment of his family.


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