Bepannaah Closure: Aditya-Zoya’s tale gets a happy ending

Bepannaah Closure: Aditya-Zoya's tale gets a happy ending

Bepannaah Closure: Aditya learns that the intern is ready to take care of Anjana. The doctor asks him to know about the intern’s conditions once. Aditya agrees to everything, just for the sake of Anjana’s health. Aditya just wants the caretaker to work well. He makes sure that Zoya’s conditions gets fulfilled. Zoya enters the house after a long time. She lights a diya. Aditya rushes to him by cancelling his meetings in the office. He apologizes to the doctor. Noor regrets for his relation with Arjun. She recollects the promise made to Wasim. Aditya gets Zoya’s note and feels he has not kept the conditions, so she has left early. Anjana waits for Zoya.

Aditya gets disciplined just because of Zoya. Zoya wants Aditya to spend most of the time with Anjana. Arjun learns that Noor has left him once again. He sheds tears for his love. Aditya finds some connection with the hidden intern. There are hits and misses between Aditya and Zoya at the house. Kunal and Mili like the positive changes in Aditya. Aditya celebrates his birthday and makes a wish, unaware that it will turn true.

He gets surprised seeing Zoya back in his life, which he actually wished for. He learns that Zoya is the one who is behind Anjana’s recovery. Aditya and Zoya meet at the hospital. He gets thankful to Zoya. He tries to apologize to her. Zoya goes away from him. Aditya cries and asks her for one last chance to revive their relationship. Zoya gives in since she also loves Aditya a lot. Aditya and Zoya sort their differences and unite. Even Arjun and Noor will be getting together. Wasim and Roshnaq accept their sons-in-law with a happy heart. Wasim learns the lesson that nothing is important than his family’s real happiness. Wasim unites Arjun and Noor and blesses them. He wants to get them married. Wasim happily gives Zoya’s hand to Aditya. The family unites. Bepannaah will be having a happy ending.


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