Ishq SubhanAllah: Misunderstandings to create chaos

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer gets upset with Zara. Amaan’s schooling becomes an issue in the family. Kabeer leaves from the house. Zara looks for him everywhere. She runs out and finds him sitting in the car. She sees Kabeer and finds him much hurt. She apologizes to him and explains how helpless and angry she is feeling. She wants to keep Kabeer happy, but always makes such moves that upsets him. The family members get angry on Zara. Zara’s mum meets her. She scolds Kabeer and the family for blaming Zara for breaking the house. She tells Kabeer that Zara has returned the Meher amount as well just to save him from problems. She asks Kabeer how can he tag Zara wrong.

Zara asks her mum not to talk about money. Zara’s mum tells her that she will remind her numerous favors on the family. Zeenat instigates Kabeer against Zara. Kabeer tells Zara that he will repay the loan, his family will never be ashamed in front of her. Zara tells him that she doesn’t want the money.

Kabeer and Zeenat want Zara to answer. They get accusing Zara for defaming the family. Zara breaks down with the accusations. Zara’s loyalty gets questioned. Zara’s mum lectures Kabeer. He angrily gives a cheque to Zara. He says I don’t know how much money I have right now, I will sell myself, but repay the loan. Shahbaz tears the cheque and asks them to stop these kiddish things. He says I m still alive, stop this stupidity, don’t drag things, I m the head of the family and doesn’t want to see this. He asks them to disperse and end the matter. Zara sheds tears of sorrow. Kabeer’s ego gets hurt once again. What will Zara do to calm the tensions in the family? Keep reading.

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