Yeh Rishta: Kartik’s denial to raise many questions

YRKKH Much Awaited Romance for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta: Gayu had sacrificed her love for the sake of Naira’s happiness before. She knew that Kartik loves Naira, and her one sided love can’t help. Gayu has come back in their lives to bring a twist. She has seen many ups and downs in her life. She gets happy with Naira’s invite. She will prove Naira’s invite wrong by initiating a relation with Kartik. Dadi gets bad vibes seeing Gayu with Kartik. She doesn’t like Gayu’s bonding with Kartik, knowing about Gayu’s love for Kartik. She fears that if Gayu stays back, she will come between Kartik and Naira. Rama wants Gayu to live with Naira until Gayu gets over her breakup sorrow. She finds Gayu happy with Kartik and Naira around.

Rama doesn’t feel anything wrong by Kartik and Naira’s friendship. Rama gets glad to find Gayu smiling after long. She tells Naira how sorrowful it was for Gayu to get over her love for Vivaan. Naira promises Rama that she will look after Gayu and not let her leave from the family till she learns moving on in life happily.

Naira also wants to see Gayu happy. She assures Rama that she will take up Gayu’s happiness responsibility. Naira has a good intention towards Gayu, but she isn’t aware of the destiny’s plans to send Gayu in Goenka house. Dadi warns Naira against getting Gayu home, knowing about Gayu’s feelings for Kartik, which can get revived easily since Gayu is facing an emotional let down.

Naira is confident about Kartik and her strong love. She doesn’t take anything serious. Naira focusses on Kartik and her life, wishing to have a child. Kartik opposes to have a child, just for the sake of Naira’s recovery and health. His denial raises many questions in everyone’s mind. Kartik doesn’t want to clarify to anyone, since he deeply loves Naira. Will Naira understand the reason behind his denial? Keep reading for more on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

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