YHM: Aaliya makes an unexpected move

YHM: Aaliya makes an unexpected move

In YHM, Rohan and Karan get troubled because of their wives, who are busy in teaching them a lesson. Karan tells Rohan that they will clean the utensils and sleep in the kitchen itself. They struggle and work hard just to get a good sleep. Raman gets happy that Rohan and Karan are learning a lesson. Ishita tells Raman that they should make their daughters an example for others to see, Aaliya and Ruhi shouldn’t tolerate any nonsense from Sudha’s sons. Raman understands that she is doing the right thing and supports her. He isn’t scared of Sudha any more. He tells Ishita that he will stop Sudha from harming them more. On the other hand, Sudha loses courage. She wants to get her sons back.

She doesn’t want any advice from Kaushalya. She tells Kaushalya that she will visit Bhallas and meet her sons. Simmi starts troubling Rohan and Karan in the morning. Mihika, Ruhi and Aaliya too join Simmi. Ishita asks the Bhalla women to show the guys what they are capable of.

Aaliya slaps herself and shocks them. She cries and tells them that Rohan has slapped her. She asks Simmi and Ruhi to call the police and lodge a formal complaint against Rohan. Ishita tells Rohan that he may go to jail and get prisoned for long period for the charges for domestic violence. Karan tells them that he is a witness and he will state his brother’s truth. Ruhi tells Karan that nobody will believe him. She asks them to bear the punishment for their mum’s mistakes. Sudha gets some gifts for her sons. She asks Kaushalya to accompany her, she wants to meet her sons and check their welfare.

Kaushalya tells Sudha that she will look mad if she shows so much concern. Raman scolds Rohan and Karan for hurting his daughters. He asks inspector to beat them. Inspector tells Rohan that he can’t tolerate any woman’s disrespect. Karan and Rohan try to defend each other. Aaliya and Ruhi frame them further, so that they get more threatened. Aaliya slaps Rohan on inspector’s words. Aaliya gets the justice after telling a sad story about her unhappy marriage. Sudha visits her sons only to get a shocking sight.

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