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Spoilers on TellyReviews Jiji Maa: Vidhaan finds Niyati upset. He tries to console her. Uttara makes Niyati realize that she can’t become a mother. Uttara plans everything against Niyati so that Falguni gets hurt. She knows Niyati is Falguni’s weakness. Niyati sheds tears and apologizes to Vidhaan that she can’t give him a child. She cancels the outing plan. Vidhaan asks her the reason for the cancellation. He says you feel I m missing a child in my life, but its not true, I was happy seeing the toys by recalling my childhood.

He tells her that Uttara has kept the toys safe till now, but he has asked her to donate the toys to orphanage now. Niyati sinks in guilt. She decides to leave from the house. She wakes up at night and finds Vidhaan sleeping. She gets provoked by Uttara and Haryali. She packs bags to leave from Rawat mansion. She wishes Vidhaan gets re-married and gets happiness of becoming a father. She recollects her past with Vidhaan. She thinks of her marriage and love journey with Vidhaan. Its tough for her to leave Falguni and go away. She touches Falguni’s feet and goes away from the house.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan and Akshat get into an argument over the mangalsutra. Dadi wants them to keep bonded. Akshat is angered thinking of Guddan’s intentions behind marrying him. Dadi asks Guddan about her missing mangalsutra. Guddan lies about it, since she has mortgaged the mangalsutra for money. Akshat finds Guddan greedy. Guddan gives all her jewelry. Dadi asks Akshat to get a mangalsutra for Guddan. Guddan doesn’t want to have a relation with Akshat.

She is helpless to keep the relation. He also rejects Guddan as his real wife. He just supports her only to accomplish their goals. Akshat knows that Guddan will never bond with him like a wife. He is irritated with her mistakes. He refuses to give wife’s rights to Guddan. He tells Guddan that he just loves his first wife Antara. He can’t see anyone taking Antara’s place.

Durga takes Guddan to some place where they usually paste chits of their mistakes. She asks Guddan to write her mistake. Guddan cries recalling her mistakes. Akshat and Guddan have a fight over the big theft occurred in the house. The tension between Guddan and Akshat is seen. Guddan does a suicide drama to shock Akshat. Dadi asks Guddan not to risk her life and get down. She doesn’t want Guddan to commit suicide.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Tai ji spies on Naina and thinks to expose her. Naina comes to meet Sameer, but the man is someone else. Naina comes to college and meets Sameer. Sameer ignores her and says you are irritating me much. Naina says I will and says if you are stubborn then you know I am also stubborn, so talk to me quietly. Sameer looks at her and tells her that he is not upset with her, but upset thinking Karthik hugged her. He feels burning sensation in his heart talking and thinking about Karthik’s move. The last-minute changes in the script of the play bring a bitterness in Sameer and Naina’s relation, but they will overcome it with time.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani drinks hot milk to prove her innocence. Anupriya feels bad to see her writhing in throat pain. Later, Kalyani gives the baby to a lady masseur and asks her to massage baby with oil. Lady flees with the baby. Anupriya sees Malhar’s baby in lady’s hand and follows her. Lady gets alert and tries to fool Anupriya. Kalyani comes to Malhar’s Police station and tells him that the baby is stolen by the masseur. Malhar scolds her asking how she can be so careless to handover baby to anyone. He says if that lady is child thief? Kalyani gets shocked and decides to bring the baby anyhow. Malhar searches for the baby.

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