Kulfi Sikandar Close Connect sets a benchmark

Kulfi Kumar Magical moments and wishes follow up

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, the story is soon going to focus on Kulfi Sikandar. Sikandar and Kulfi’s bond sets a new benchmark. Sikandar loves Kulfi dearly and proves his selflessness once again by giving her the blood in the needy hour. He wants Kulfi to fight back and save herself. Sikandar and Tevar wish that Kulfi doesn’t suffer ever in her life. The fathers head to the temple to pray for their precious daughter. They get the lamp lit on their hands and get praying, while singing out about their innocent gem. They wish that Kulfi restores her energy, her charm and her liveliness once again.

Sikandar feels Kulfi is someone who only deserves love. Kulfi has been presenting her selfless side to Sikandar all the time. Even Tevar is much influenced by Kulfi and her good values. He can’t imagine to have a better daughter than Kulfi. Tevar tries to keep Amyra away on seeing her insecurities going.

Amyra stops Sikandar from reaching to Kulfi, but he sides her away. Sikandar doesn’t want Amyra to blindly follow Lovely. Sikandar gets tensed when he finds Kulfi in danger zone. His genuine prayers from the heart works for Kulfi. Kulfi gets a new life, all thanks to the efforts of both her fathers. Sikandar tells Lovely that this time he won’t listen to anyone. He decides to take Tevar and Kulfi home.

Lovely opposes his decision, while Amyra hates the happening. Sikandar knows Lovely is responsible for Tevar’s misfortune and wants to cover up the big losses by lending help in time. Sikandar clears the misunderstanding of song theft with Tevar. He convinces Tevar to live with him for the sake of Kulfi’s future. Will Tevar agree to Sikandar’ decision? What will Lovely do knowing her plan totally backfired? Keep reading.

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