TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers YRKKH and more

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers YRKKH/Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira enjoy the happy family bonding. Everyone gets a different look for the Bollywood 70s Style. The families enjoy the most by playing the superhit songs of the 70s. The couples dance first, then followed by the groups. The retro night turns out to be a blaster. Everybody dances on the floor on the old Retro songs of the 70s.

They get complimenting each other for the unique retro looks. Kartik expresses his love for Naira once again, while Naira comes up with a wish. Kartik promises to fulfill her every wish. This gives her courage to speak up about having a child. Kartik and Naira have a serious discussion about planning a baby. Naira tells him that she has been thinking since long and wants to fulfill the happy family dream. Kartik refuses to her wish, shocking her and breaking her heart.

Roop beats up Ranvir, when he finds Ranvir’s evil planning. Roop and Ishika’s honeymoon gets spoiled by Ranvir. Ranvir is mad about Ishika. He can’t see Roop and Ishika happy. Ranvir tries chasing Ishika. Ranvir falls in Roop’s plan. Ishika slaps Ranvir. Roop tells Ranvir that she was actually his plan. He asks Ranvir to bite the dust. Ranvir gets beaten up. Roop wants Ranvir to stop his madness and accept the truth.


Harman tries hard to impress Soumya. He is trying to make her regain memory. He gives her a knife and reminds her how Nimmo has handed over the knife to her once when her kinner identity was revealed. He tells her that he knows her since many years and he will revive her memories soon. He will be repeating the instances of Soumya’s life to help her recall the past.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Jacky spikes the drink for Prachi. He acts as Sahil and fools Prachi. He makes her sign the property papers. He gets the property back on Sahil’s name. Puneesh had named the property to Prachi before. Jacky gets glad by transferring the property back to Agarwals. He signs Vedika about their victory. He happily goes to hug Vedika and stops himself. Puneesh has captured Ved. Jacky wants to deal with Puneesh and get Ved home. Vedika has the main goal to get Ved back. Vedika makes the master plan to strike the deal with Puneesh. She doesn’t want the property. She just cares for her children.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya comes to meet Jai. Aishwarya helps out Jai since his hand is injured. She helps him wash his face. She sees Aadhya at the door. She turns Aadhya jealous by showing off the intimate moment with Jai Aadhya gets a big shock. Aadhya’s behavior gets weird. She sheds tears, misunderstanding Jai once again. He asks her what happened, why is she behaving like she is in love with someone. Aadhya tells him that she will meet him at the office and reveal the truth. She turns excited to make the love confession. She doesn’t want to delay further, knowing Aishwarya is after Jai.

Ronak and Sujjan have a boxing match. Muskaan worries for Ronak’s safety. Sir ji asks Muskaan to go with Sujjan if she wants Ronak’s welfare. She begs to Sir ji to save Ronak. Ronak gets much bashed up by Sujjan. She loses out to Sir ji. She gets ready to go with Sujjan, for the sake of Ronak. She cares for Ronak a lot. She asks Sujjan to spare Ronak’s life. Ronak falls unconscious and bleeding. Muskaan rushes to help Ronak. Sujjan follows Sir ji’s instructions. She asks Sir ji if he has no feelings for his own son, how can he let his son suffer this way. She scolds Sir ji for being so heartless. Sujjan drags Muskaan away.

Muskaan sheds tears and shouts to Ronak to wake up. Hanumanth asks Ronak to get up and fight. Muskaan is in dilemma over going against Ronak’s decision. She knows that Sir ji is watching Ronak getting beaten up, which means that she has no option left. Muskaan feels helpless and shattered. She knows Ronak is doing everything for her sake. She gets too emotional. She feels Ronak is risking life for her. She gets ready to give up her life for Ronak. Ronak and Muskaan will be realizing their love soon.

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