Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita predicts Sudha’s next move

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya slaps Rohan and teaches him a lesson. Raman and Ishita thank the inspector for helping them. Inspector tells them that he will be always ready to help them. Raman asks Ishita to continue doing such work. He salutes her. He respects Ishita and also her values. Ishita makes Rohan and Karan complete the household chores. Mihika and Simmi also torture them. Mihika tells them that Rohan and Karan got their luggage. Raman asks Simmi to give away the dirty clothes. Karan tells them that they just wear designer clothes. Simmi donates the clothes to the watchman. Simmi asks Rohan and Karan to take the uniform. Rohan gets a shock by the surprise. Simmi asks them to just wear the clothes and be thankful for whatever they are getting. Simmi explains them the work.

Raman orders them to run to the kitchen. The Bhallas get a laugh seeing them. They make sure that Rohan and Karan repent for their big mistakes. Bhallas find ways to torture Sudha’s sons. When Sudha and Kaushalya visit the Bhallas, they get shocked seeing Rohan and Sudha working as servants. Sudha asks Karan what is he doing wearing cheap dirty clothes. Karan tells Sudha that he has been working hard since the morning.

Rohan cleans the utensils and also bears Simmi’s taunts. Simmi finds all the work done wrong and makes Rohan repeat everything. Rohan bears the tortures. He meets Sudha and begs her to take them home. Sudha gets enraged seeing her sons’ sorrow. She confronts Raman and Ishita for crossing their limits. She warns them against troubling her sons again. Raman asks her to leave from the house. Sudha comes up with a drama to stay back, but doesn’t get any grant. Bhallas ousts Sudha. Kaushalya tells Sudha that she was right about Bhallas’ bad behavior. She didn’t expect Ishita to use Sudha’s moves against her.

Sudha gets upset when Kaushalya prefers to support Ishita. Sudha tells her that she will ruin the Bhalla family. She wants Raman to payback. Ruhi troubles Karan and wants him to cry for breaking her heart. Ishita tells Raman that Sudha may harm them. Raman assures that he will protect the family. She wants to get legal help to deal with Sudha. He is sure that Sudha won’t do anything until her sons are living with them. She warns Raman against falling in Sudha’s trap.

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