Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Curse or Conspiracy?

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Curse or Conspiracy?

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2:Veer learns that Archie is in trouble. He rushes back to Kanakgadh to save Archie’s life, knowing she has seen Lali’s spirit. He fears that Kaal Bhairav will kill Archie. Akshay gets informed that Veer is coming back to Kanakgadh. He rushes to inform this to Maharani. Maharani and Rajmata want Veer to return to the palace and accept the heirship. Veer faces many hurdles when he enters Kanakgadh.

He also loses his car and gets terrified seeing Lali’s spirit. Veer finds hard to reach Archie. On meeting Archie, Veer learns that the villagers are turning into diya. He hears people calling him for help. The people feel they are not at fault to bear the punishment of royal family’s crime. Veer tells Archie that he wanted to run away from the curse, but now even he feels responsible for the people’s suffering. Veer gets a huge shock seeing so many diyas lying on the ground. Archie tells him that she has witnessed the people turning into diyas in front of her eyes, but can’t believe in it.

Archie questions him if any Lord can trouble people, instead showering blessings. She asks him if Kaal Bhairav is really behind this. Veer gets doubtful about the curse. Archie gets a strong feeling that Kaal Bhairav isn’t behind the killings, after she learns Rajguru’s involvement in the crimes. She informs Veer that Rajguru is after her life too. Veer will be soon learning Rajguru’s political interests in ruling over Kanakgadh from bringing doom to the royal family.

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