Muskaan to learn Aarti’s remorseful truth

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan goes behind bars for the murder charges. Ronak assures Muskaan that he will get her home. He supports Muskaan. He tells inspector that Muskaan is innocent, its not her mistake to stab the attacker in self-defense. He asks inspector to release Muskaan. Inspector refuses to Ronak’s request. This is Sir ji’s plan against Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak feels helpless seeing Muskaan’s arrest. He tries to meet her and know the entire incident. Sir ji reaches Muskaan and insults her. He reminds her about Aarti. Aarti’s truth gets known to Ronak.

Ronak doesn’t get affected by Muskaan and Aarti’s truth, since he feels Sir ji is the worst. He knows Sir ji is the crime plotter. He wants to free Muskaan from the charges. He tries to talk to inspector. Police doesn’t help Muskaan.

Sir ji gets threatening Muskaan and tells her that he can go to any extent to stop her marriage with Ronak. He tells her that she has deserved this, she should have been here like her mother. He reveals that he has made Aarti away from her, by sending her to jail for 10 years. Muskaan learns that Sir ji has separated the mother-daughter. She earlier felt that Aarti abandoned her for a good future. Tabassum’s lies get known to Muskaan. Muskaan feels shattered knowing about the tortures and sufferings undergone by Aarti. Sir ji vows to ruin Muskaan. She has learnt Aarti’s truth and really wants to find her. How will Ronak find Aarti and help Muskaan? Keep reading.

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