Ishqbaaz: Jai enters Oberoi family with vicious intentions

Ishqbaaz: Jai enters Oberoi family with vicious intentions

Ishqbaaz: Shivay visits Priyanka for the Pagphere ritual. She acts too happy and sings praises of Jai. She misleads him when he asks her if Jai is keeping her happy. Jai meets Shivay and pretends to be on friendly terms. He informs Shivay that they will be relocating to the US next month. Shivay asks them to stay in Oberoi mansion until they are in the city. Jai refuses to him. Shivay requests him to stay back. Jai gives his nod while being in his good act.

Dadi’s old friend Suryakanth gets flirting with her. He reveals about Prithvi and his friendship. Dadi gets worried knowing her friend wants to have the same lovely bond like before. She fears for the family’s reaction. She makes excuses. Suryakanth tells them that they will have a Qawwali night. He wants to confess feelings to Dadi in front of her family.

Shivay gets Jai and Priyanka home. He tells the family that they will be having Jai and Priyanka with them for a month. Suryakanth talks about Kalyani Dadi and his marriage, which shocks the Obros. Dadi diverts the matter by acting to faint. Aruna Nani understands what’s cooking between Suryakanth and Dadi. She gets laughing on Dadi’s drama. Shivay learns that Sahil is looking after the accounts by his self decision. Shivay doesn’t understand why Sahil is interfering much in their business, that too in a wrong way.

He asks Khanna to keep Sahil away from confidential data. He decides to take Sahil’s class. Dadi gets nervous because of Suryakanth. She tells him that if her grandsons see them together, it will be a big issue. She asks him not to romance, as its not their young days. Suryakanth tells her that he is still young and daring. Meanwhile, Shivay scolds Sahil for the company accounts handling.

Sahil apologizes to him. Shivay warns him against committing more such mistakes. He limits Sahil from his weird interference. Sahil gets against Shivay. Rudra finds Dadi with Suryakanth. He tells everyone that Dadi’s behavior is weird. Anika too feels the same. They want to know what’s going on. Jai wants to get the business tender from Shivay. He is just interested in snatching the big business contracts from Shivay. Dadi too enjoys Suryakanth’s attention.

Nani becomes a mediator to exchange their messages. She tries to pull Dadi’s leg by playing a prank. Dadi’s dilemma grows further. The family gets happy seeing Dadi’s newly found happiness. Shivay gets happy that she is looking happy, and wants her to be the same. The family plans fun and celebrations in the Qawwali night, while Jai tries to hack Shivay’s laptop and snatch the big deal to ruin him.

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