Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Journey with Sikandar and Tevar


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi convinces Tevar to leave Sikandar’s house, owing the cropping differences between Sikandar and Lovely because of their presence. She always knew that Amyra is insecure of her, when Amyra sees Sikandar loving her more. She didn’t know that even Lovely is so insecure by her presence. She doesn’t want Amyra to cry because of her. She realizes that Sikandar is not giving ample time to Lovely and Amyra, because of her.

She tells Tevar that Amyra has clearly asked them to leave. She also wants the same, since she wishes Sikandar to stay in peace with his family. Tevar finds hard to accept her request, as that would mean leaving behind his own daughter with Sikandar. He agrees to Kulfi’s innocent request, by accepting what the fate has given him. Tevar doesn’t change his bond with Kulfi. He is proud to have her, irrespective of her real roots.

Similarly, Sikandar loves Amyra a lot, knowing that she is Tevar’s daughter. Sikandar and Tevar stay friendly and give a new meaning to fatherhood. They define fatherhood by their mature sacrifices made for their daughters.

Kulfi reaches the temple with Tevar. Tevar writes a letter for Kulfi and goes away from everyone’s lives. Kulfi looks for him at the temple and sings to get her father back. She wishes Tevar comes back. Her singing and prayers do a miracle. She asks Mata Rani to get her father to her. Tevar just got cheated by everyone. Kulfi complains to Mata Rani about her life’s ups and downs. Kulfi leaves from the temple. She hears Sittu’s voice. She meets her uncle by destiny. Her question about her father remains the same.

Sittu makes a mind to reveal the truth to her this time, knowing about Sikandar’s tremendous emotions for Kulfi. Sittu tells Kulfi that Sikandar is her father, Sikandar was Nimrat’s husband, who left Nimrat for a reason. Kulfi gets moved by this truth, which she had a right to know.

Kulfi falls in bigger dilemma over choosing her righteous father, one whom she idolizes, Sikandar, or the other one who accepted her by sacrificing her everything, Tevar. She recalls her journey with both Sikandar and Tevar. Sikandar reads Tevar’s letter and vents out frustration on Lovely. She asks him where did Tevar go. He tells her that she has forced Tevar to leave. Tevar gives Kulfi’s responsibility to Sikandar. Lovely tells Sikandar that she isn’t doing any drama, she isn’t responsible for every mistake. Sikandar tells her that she is the reason for everything, she is at fault, she ruined her life. Tevar breaks the truth to Sikandar, that Sikandar is Kulfi’s real father. Will Sikandar and Kulfi unite? What will be Kulfi’s decision? Keep reading.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag to die or survive?

Prerna was afraid that Anurag will out himself in trouble. She reaches the accident spot. She sees the damaged car. She looks for Anurag. She doesn’t find anyone injured inside the car. Anurag was racing to expose Navin.

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The mishap happens when Navin attempts to kill Anurag. The people tell her that they have got Anurag and Sid out of the car when the petrol was leaking and the car was about to blast, but Anurag went back to the car to get something.

Prerna realizes that Anurag was just after the evidence against Navin and risked his life twice. She asks the people about Anurag. The people tell her that Anurag and Sid are rushed to the hospital, but maybe they won’t get saved, they are too critical. Prerna asks them about the hospital where they are taking for treatment. She runs to see Anurag at the hospital. Navin wants to kill Anurag, so that his truth doesn’t come out.


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