YRKKH: Naira’s momentous stand about motherhood

YRKKH: Naira's momentous stand about motherhood

YRKKH: Kartik and Naira get happy to get many awards for the multiple titles. Naira gets thanking everyone and delivers lovely speeches for every award she gets. She shows off her awards to Kartik. His turn comes to collect the multiple awards. Kartik gives all the credit to Naira. He likes Naira for everything associated to her. He sings her praises, and proves that he is the best husband in town. He tells them that he has become the favorite husband just because he is Naira’s favorite. He shares the award with Naira. Kartik gets many awards and gets elated. He shares his happiness with the family. The celebrations turns musical when the entire family performs with them. Kartik and Naira deliver a romantic performance. Badi Nani feels weak and collapses down.

Dadi gets to see her and alerts everyone. She gets her treated on time. She fears for Badi Nani, who is like her elder sister. Naira pacifies Dadi, seeing her sorrowful state. Badi Nani gets conscious and tells them that she is absolutely fine. She plans her departure. Naira tells them that she has planned something special for the family. She invites everyone for the family photo shoot.

Kartik and Naira share a romantic moment. The family enjoys a lot while gathering for the family picture. Dadi doesn’t like Gayu being around Kartik. Naira wraps up the photo shoot with everyone’s smiling faces. She tries to make Kartik realize what she is planning. She tells him that even elders were talking about their child. Kartik doesn’t want this to happen so soon. He gets stressed about her medical tests. He wishes that he gets the good news of her early recovery.

He worries for her health and explains her the same, when she keeps her stand regarding motherhood. The family wishes Naira all the best for the tests results. Gayu also wishes that Naira gets free of all problems. Dadi wants Gayu to be with them, instead accompanying Naira and Kartik. Dadi feels irked by Gayu’s presence. Goenkas feel restless to know Naira’s medical reports. Naira gets more firm to have a child.

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