Tujhse Hai Raabta Kalyani’s Shocking avatar lined up

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Kalyani’s Shocking avatar lined up 16th July 2019 Malhar’s message proves Kalyani innocent. The ladies leave Kalyani free and spare her life. Kalyani and Anupriya plead the women to help them in finding Moksh. Malhar is also trying to find his son. He gets Sampada’s dad, but doesn’t get Moksh from him. He learns that the baby is with Atharv and Sampada. He asks Malhar that his wife Aparna took Moksh with her to Sampada. Malhar loses his cool and wants Moksh back. Atharv waits for Kalyani to get his passport back. Sampada wants to get away with Moksh. She doesn’t reveal Moksh’s location to Atharv. Anupriya blesses that Kalyani gets her son.

Kalyani strikes a deal with Atharv and shows him the photos of the passports, which she is carrying. Atharv feels she has made everything more easy for him. He doesn’t tell anything to Sampada. He rushes to meet Kalyani for his passport. He promises to send Moksh home. He asks her to give him Sampada’s passport as well. She burns the passports to teach him a lesson. He wants to leave the country as well. Kalyani tells him that his passports are safe, but he won’t get saved if he acts smart. She puts him in a fix and asks him to choose between his freedom or love Sampada. He chooses his freedom and feels Sampada is very selfish.

Kalyani and Malhar get together in their plan, and prove to Sampada’s parents that Atharv doesn’t love Sampada. Aparna tells them that she doesn’t have Moksh either. Malhar knows she is telling the truth, since they have already found him. He asks Sampada’s parents to help him punish Atharv. Malhar’s words bring a change in them. They really value Kalyani’s love for Moksh. They reveal Moksh’s location to Malhar. Kalyani is ready to take any risk to meet Moksh. They try to get inside the hideout and get Moksh. Anupriya catches Sampada and compels her to hand over Moksh to them. They promise to free Sampada. Kalyani feels both Atharv and Sampada are selfish. Kalyani takes a shocking avatar of a bar dancer to find Sampada and get Moksh back from her.


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