Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected clue for Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected clue for Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected clue for Ishita 15th July 2019 Ruhi and Aaliya make the fights known to Ishita, so that Karan and Yug get answerable to her. They complain to Ishita about each other. Aaliya asks Ishita to stop Ruhi and Karan from insulting Yug. Ruhi asks her not to provoke Ishita against Karan. Ishita gets disturbed seeing them and goes away. Karan and Yug feel sorry and go to assure her that things are fine between them. They hug Ishita and want them to be fine. Ruhi and Aaliya do the drama to fight again. Karan and Yug stop their fights and ask them not to drag the fight to Ishita’s notice. They promise to sort out their fights. They try to prove that everything is fine between them. Ruhi and Aaliya get happy.

They decide to go away secretly and discuss their plans. Ruhi congratulates Aaliya for the success of her project. They get to see a dead body in the flat. They get too scared by the sight. Arijit has planted the dead body to frame them. Arijit wants to trap Ruhi and Aaliya in the murder case. He plans to win Bhallas’ trust by saving Ruhi and Aaliya. He wants to break the family by making all the weak points in his favor. Arijit asks his assistant to follow his instructions. He is sure that Ruhi and Aaliya won’t be able to save themselves now.

Mani and Ishita plan a grand launch for the mineral water project, which is actually Raman’s dream. Ishita gets involved in the discussions and misses Raman. The family cries for Raman and feel bad that Ishita is celebrating and throwing a party when they have lost Raman forever. They wish to explain Ishita that Raman is dead and will never come back. The family wants Ishita to accept the shocking news. Ishita finds the family worried. She tells them that Raman didn’t call them, but they will scold him when he comes back.

Everyone gets emotional hearing her. Ruhi and Aaliya return home in a terrified state. Ruhi is tensed and speechless. Ruhi thinks to tell the family about the dead body. Ruhi and Aaliya tells everyone about seeing the dead body found. Mani and Bala inform the police to get the investigations done. Ishita gets clued about Raman from a taxi driver. Mani protects her from hearing any shocking news regarding Raman’s death.

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