Read how Abhi and Pragya will meet up in Kumkum Bhagya

Read how Abhi and Pragya will meet up in Kumkum Bhagya

Read how Abhi and Pragya will meet up in Kumkum Bhagya Abhi doesn’t lose his determination to free Prachi. He appears like a psycho to the inspector. Abhi tries to explain his emotions, since he really loves Prachi as a father. He defends Prachi’s innocence. He doesn’t have any connection with Prachi, but connects with her heart. He tells the inspector that he is trying to save his daughter, which isn’t a wrong thing to do. He promises to completely help the police in catching the real culprit. He has no idea that Rhea and her friends have trapped Prachi. Inspector tells him about Pragya, who could have got the CCTV footage of his house. He asks Abhi to arrange the evidences in Pragya’s favors. He doesn’t want to make any false report to release Prachi. He asks Abhi to find evidence or the culprit.

Abhi hasn’t seen Pragya. He doesn’t know that Prachi is his own daughter. Prachi counts on Abhi. She requests him to speak to her mum and console her. Purab stays back with Disha and falls weak. He didn’t know that she will make a comeback in his life. Purab yearns to have her back. He still loves her a lot. He failed to keep his vows and regrets. He apologizes to her and speaks his heart out. Pragya leaves from the police station, while Abhi looks for her. Pragya tries to chase the network. Abhi and Pragya get distant again despite being too close.

Pragya decides to seek Abhi’s help if she fails to save Prachi herself. She doesn’t want her ego to come between this time. Pragya fails to get the CCTV footage. She seeks inspector’s permission to meet Prachi once. Rhea is happy to see Prachi’s defamation. She wants Prachi to lose all the praise. Prachi is accused for drugs dealing. She gets rusticated from her college. Rhea feels she has won in her goal. She gets rid of Prachi forever.

Purab doesn’t feel Disha would forgive him ever. Abhi tries arranging a new lawyer. He assists the police in the investigations. Abhi hopes that Prachi gets released. Rhea doesn’t want to get caught by Abhi. On the other hand, Disha doesn’t learn that Purab has got her to the hospital and stayed back until she recovered. Purab doesn’t want things to get more painful for Disha. Doctor hides Purab’s noble deed on his request.

Abhi fails to find any clue from the corrupted footage. He feels miserable. He wants Prachi’s innocence to get known. The officer tells Abhi that the footage isn’t enough to favor Prachi, like its chipped off. Pragya accompanies the cops to Abhi’s house. Abhi feels someone is framing Prachi. Officer confirms that there is no proof in Prachi’s favor. This panics Pragya. Abhi and Pragya converse on the phone call. Abhi catches Rhea’s lie and confronts her. Abhi and Pragya will be having a super dramatic meet in the court.

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