Kumkum Bhagya Big victory for Abhi and Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Destiny plays to surprise Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Big victory for Abhi and Pragya Pragya plans to trap Nishant. She tells her plans to Shahana. She wants Nishant to admit the truth. She goes to Nishant and kidnaps him. Pragya, Prachi, Shahana and Sarita torture Nishant and scare him. They want him to admit the culprit’s name. Aaliya senses that Rhea has committed some mistake. She promises to help Rhea. Abhi is also trying to track Nishant to get the truth out.

Nishant agrees to tell the truth to Pragya. Rhea tells Aaliya that she has stolen the money from Abhi’s room. Aaliya doesn’t want Rhea to do wrong. Rhea admits that she hates Prachi and she has framed Prachi in the drugs case to make her away from Abhi. She tells Aaliya that Prachi is calling Abhi as her dad and she is winning his heart. She doesn’t want to share Abhi’s love with Prachi.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Nishant was blackmailing her for money. She got helpless as she had to hide her crimes from Abhi. Aaliya asks her why did she risk her life. She asks Rhea to think of her future. She is sure that Abhi will help Prachi, who is innocent. She tells Rhea that Abhi won’t leave her knowing her crime. She asks Rhea not to make any more mistakes. Rhea tells her that Ranbir has confessed the crime to save Prachi. Aryan gets to hear the truth and reprimands Rhea.

Aaliya and Rhea worry that Aryan may tell the truth to Abhi and the police. Pragya asks Nishant to confess his crime. She asks Prachi to make the confession video. They scare Nishant further and free him to record his confession. Nishant admits that Ranbir and Prachi are innocent and its all his fault. Pragya wants to take Nishant to the police station and prove the truth. Abhi is struggling to solve the case too. Pragya sends the video to the police. Inspector praises her for solving the case single-handedly.

Ranbir’s family reaches the police station to get him released. Inspector tells them that Prachi’s mum have caught the culprit and they will release Ranbir soon. Abhi doesn’t learn that Rhea is behind the drugs trap. Abhi happens to see Nishant going to the police station. He misses to meet Pragya once again.

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