Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan Wedding Promo

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Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan Wedding Promo Karan and Rishabh wait for some miracle to happen. They wish that Mahesh gets conscious and recovers soon. Karan gets emotional about his dad. Karan burns Preeta and Prithvi’s wedding card. Shrishti wants Karan to realize that he will lose Preeta today. She wishes that Karan ends his ego and revives his love for Preeta. Prithvi challenges Karan and tells him that he will be soon marrying Preeta. Prithvi shows off his baraat to Karan. He tells Karan that he will be having a good time with his would be wife Preeta. Preeta suppresses her feelings for Karan. She is helpless to marry Prithvi.

She gets stubborn and wants to keep her esteem. Preeta shatters recalling how Karan accused her and insulted her. Shrishti tries to make Preeta realize that she loves Karan. Preeta isn’t ready to accept the truth that she loves Karan. Preeta imagines Karan around, but doesn’t want her love to create troubles. She feels Karan cheated her by blaming her. She unknowingly confesses that she loves Karan and then denies it. She explains her heart that she doesn’t have any feelings for Karan.

Preeta isn’t aware of her feelings for Karan. She feels maybe she liked Karan, which she shouldn’t have done. She doesn’t think that whatever feelings she shared with Karan was love, since Karan doesn’t trust her at all. She feels Karan hates her and this is the future of their friendship. She accepts her fate and prepares to marry Prithvi. She gets ready as Prithvi’s bride. Karan loves Preeta a lot. He starts hating her after losing faith on her. He still doesn’t want Preeto to marry evil Prithvi. He stops Prithvi from marrying Preeta. For the very first time, Karan declares his love for Preeta in front of the families.

He tells Prithvi that just he has the right on Preeta, which shocks Rishabh to the core. Prithvi gets unstoppable when he finds losing Preeta. He asks his goons to stop Karan. Karan fights the goons and reaches the altar to burn it up. Prithvi attacks Karan. Karan fights all the odds to stop the marriage. His love turns into obsession. He gets ready to face anything to get Preeta. Preeta recalls how Karan insulted her love and lost faith on her. She doesn’t want to marry Karan either. Karan asks the pandit to get them married by all the rituals.

Preeta doesn’t let Karan decide their marriage alone. She stops Karan from forcibly marrying her. She reminds him that she isn’t his property that he would come to claim any time after disrespecting her too much before. Karan and Preeta’s love and hate relationship comes as a shocker to Rishabh. Preeta tells Karan that she will decide for the life, only she has the rights on her life. She doesn’t want Karan to become her life’s ruler. Preeta and Karan cross paths again. Karan gets in a big dilemma when Preeta refuses to marry him. He felt she is greedy for money and did everything to become part of Luthra family. Will Karan start believing Preeta after facing the unexpected rejection in the marriage altar? Keep reading.

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