Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni Colors Spoilers

Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni Colors Spoilers

Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni Colors Spoilers Shayra thinks to tell Azaan about Noor’s condition before she tries to harm herself. She comes to tell Azaan about Noor, but just then Noor jumps down and faints. Azaan gets worried for her. Shayra is shocked. Noor is emotionally blackmailing her and asks her to decide soon about giving up her rights on Azaan. She tells her that the suicide attempt can be true next time. Shayra is left with no option than to agree to her demands. She thinks Noor is right and she has come between them. She recalls promising Yasmeen that she will take care of Noor. She takes the toughest decision to get Noor to marry Azaan to save Noor’s life.

Shakti: Harman asks his family why Soumya didn’t come till now and gets worried for her. Vedant asks Soumya to drink the poison and die, says if you can’t become mine then you can’t become of Harman also. Soumya asks Vedant how you will save yourself from Harman when he comes to know that you forced me to drink poison. She drinks the poison to give the test of her love. Vedant is shocked to see Harman and Soumya’s strong love connection. Harman feels restless at the time when Soumya takes the extreme step to quit her life on Vedant’s compulsion.

Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni:

Meher is ready for her Haldi ritual. She recalls Manav. She imagines Manav and his love. He applies the haldi to her face and wishes her for their marriage. There is a dream sequence between Meher and Manav. She is always surrounded by Manav’s memories. Meher runs away from the function. She wants to stop her marriage with Sarabjeet. There is a big drama when the family learns that Meher is missing. Kulwant finds Meher and forces her to marry Sarabjeet.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak and Raghu get a chance to celebrate their love and romance. They together perform in the Sawan festive. Maai has failed to separate them. Dhanak gets an upsetting call and gets compelled to get away from Raghu.

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