Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan faces IshRa’s wrath

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan faces IshRa's wrath

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan faces IshRa’s wrath Karan suspects Raman again because of Arijit. He finds Raman lying to the family. He wants to know what’s happening. Ruhi finds Karan hiding Raman’s laptop. She asks him why is he still spying on Raman. She asks Karan to accept Raman’s truth. He reveals about Raman’s lie. He tells her that he really worries for Bhallas. He tells that the enemy really has a dangerous motive and they should be careful even about Raman, who maybe an imposter. He tells Ruhi that Raman had cleanly lied to the family. Ruhi tells him that Ishita is supporting Raman. He tells her that maybe Ishita is threatened by that imposter, just like she was threatened by Sahil for the sake of family’s safety.

He tells her that they can save the family. He wants to discuss his plans with Yug and Aaliya. Karan and Ruhi reveal their plan to Yug and Aaliya. Raman’s behavior makes Simmi suspicious as well. Yug asks Karan not to jump onto any conclusion and believe Raman. Karan doubts that Ishita is in trouble. Ruhi tells them that they should find the truth and save Ishita. They decide to clear their doubts to maintain peace in the family. Yug agrees to them. Bhallas have a good time with Raman. Karan decides to sleep in Raman’s room.

He finds it a chance to spy on Raman. He spikes Raman’s drink to get the truth out of him. He wants to know what’s the imposter’s true motives to enter the family. Simmi tells Ishita that she missed Raman a lot. She makes ginger tea for Raman. She feels its a blessing that he is back. She doesn’t want to suspect his behavior. Karan tells Yug and Ruhi that his plan failed. He failed to give truth serum to Raman. Raman tells Ishita that he should change his habits and behavior as well, so that everyone gets habitual to his new face.

Ishita tells him that she is with him all the while. Raman doesn’t want his family to cry for him. Raman feels guilty that he is upsetting everyone. Karan wants to find Raman’s identity. He tells Yug that he will confront Raman’s doctor and try to get the truth out. Ishita finds Karan conspiring against Raman. She reprimands him for trying to drug Raman. She learns that even Ruhi, Aaliya and Yug are supporting Karan in his plans. Yug tells Ishita that he isn’t doubting Raman. He doesn’t want to hurt Ishita.

Ishita asks Karan to remember his limits and not break down Raman by such tricks. She asks Karan not to brainwash Ruhi and family against Raman. Karan tells Ishita that he can accept the blames and scoldings, but he has his own reasons to doubt Raman. He tells that he is just finding the truth for the betterment of the family. Ishita proves to Karan that Raman isn’t any imposter. She tells Karan that his suspicion can break Raman’s heart. Raman learns the entire matter and feels too hurt. Raman vents anger on Karan for his move to question his identity.

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