Kulfii Kumar Lovely Sikandar find relief Jimmy plans strike

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move

Kulfii Kumar Lovely Sikandar find relief Jimmy plans strike Sikandar and Kulfi fail to find Amyra near the stage. Sikandar thinks maybe she is hidden under the stage. He gets scared seeing the goon. He diverts him, until Kulfi finds Amyra. Kulfi reaches Amyra and informs Sikandar that she found Amyra. Sikandar hugs Amrya. He tells her that he will take her out. He asks Kulfi to trick the goons. The goons try to check on Amyra. Sikandar is worried when Amyra falls unconscious. The goon threatens Tony about Amyra. He compels Tony to shoot the CM. Tony gets emotional about Amyra and agrees to kill the CM. Sikandar unites with his daughters. Lovely stops Tony from shooting the CM. Tony gets caught. Sikandar apologizes to the CM. He tells that Amyra was kidnapped, he was compelled to do this.

He gets forgiveness from the CM. Tony gets arrested. Lovely turns emotional seeing Amyra. Sikandar tells CM that his security guard is actually a goon. He checks all the guards and finds them different. He tells the CM that even his wife told about the guard. CM’s wife denies everything. Sikandar recollects the incident. He realizes that CM’s wife wants to get him killed. He does the aarti with his daughters. He exposes CM’s wife’s planning. CM can’t believe that his wife was trying to get him killed. CM gets his wife arrested.

He is thankful to Sikandar for all the help. Lovely tries to talk to Sikandar about Amyra. He tells her that he won’t be helping her in getting the untimely release. Police comes to arrest her. Lovely tells him that she is content that Kulfi and he are protecting Amyra. She tells that she doesn’t want any early release, she will serve the punishment and come back to him. They get emotional. Lovely wants to tell him that she will soon be back for her family. Kulfi and Amyra become the winners in the Jagrata competition. Jimmy doesn’t want Sikandar to win. He tells Sikandar that the competition is led by him. Sikandar gets ready to face Jimmy’s evil. Jimmy wants to make Sikandar’s state worse. Kulfi and Amyra take a stand for their father.

Also read, Raja Beta: Purva’s new journey begins as Vedant’s Personal Assistant. Manjula tells Pankhudi that she wants her to keep fast for Sanju, as they are going to get married soon. She says she wants her to keep the first karwachauth fast for Sanju. Pankhudi asks about the second platter. Dadi says it is sargi for Purva. Pankhudi says even if she keeps fast silently then also there is no use as she can’t dress up like a married woman, as she has promised Vedant for whom she will keep fast, that until he addresses her as his wife, she will not apply sindoor in her maang. Dadi says Purva will keep fast for Vedant and he will accept her as his wife soon.

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