Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Critical illness shatters Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Critical illness shatters Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Critical illness shatters Sikandar Sikandar cries on recollecting the tortures chawl people faced because of him. He feels bad. He recalls a builder giving an offer to the chawl people. The builder offered them a hefty amount along with a new flat for each family. Still the chaw people chose Sikandar over their luxuries and new homes. Sikandar feels proud of the chawl people. The people beat up the builder and shoo him away. Sikandar asks them not to take the risk for his sake. The builder wanted them to make Sikandar and his daughters out of the chawl. Sikandar is ready to move out for the sake of the chawl people. He receives much love from them.

He is troubled that the builder is cutting down the necessities for the chawl people. He doesn’t want them to pay the price by losing their peace and happiness. He tries to meet Jimmy, but the guards stop him. Jimmy’s son gets in his sight. Sikandar had the idea of kidnapping Jimmy’s son so that Jimmy learns the lesson by experiencing the pain of his child. He wants Jimmy to regret for his crimes.

On the other hand, Kulfi asks the goons not to throw and break things in her room. Goon tells her that Sikandar has kidnapped Jimmy’s son and he is just finding her. She doesn’t believe this. She tells them that she can make them check all the rooms, Sikandar can’t do anything evil, she can assure from his side. Goons try to check the entire chawl. Sikandar doesn’t know that Jimmy’s son has run away. Jimmy’s son wants to reach home. The goons don’t get anything in the chawl. Kulfi asks them to check the godown also. She takes them to the dark godown.

Jimmy’s son thinks his kidnappers are coming. He hides from them. The goons don’t get her. Sikandar is still in past thoughts. He feels helpless that he has no other option. He returns to the chawl and learns about the goons checking the chawl to find Jimmy’s son. He gets worried that his plan will fail if the people find Jimmy’s son. He goes to check the godown. He doesn’t find Jimmy’s son there. He gets a huge shock and falls down. Kulfi finds him in a terrible situation. She wants to know what is he hiding.

He tells that he slipped and fell down. He swears that he isn’t hiding anything. She wonders what is he hiding. Sikandar gets depressed. She wants to know what is bothering him so much. He tries to find Jimmy’s son. He recalls the moment when he fainted on the road and reached the hospital. The doctor had told him about the clot in his brain. Sikandar has no funds to get himself treated. He fails to get the treatment in local hospital. He is worried by the alarming condition, while Kulfi tries to handle the problems alone.

Sikandar is suffering from critical illness, terminating his life. He wants to make his daughters’ future good before he dies. He finds Jimmy’s son and kidnaps him again. He lies to the onlookers. Kulfi and Amyra try to find Sikandar at the godown. Sikandar wants to compel Jimmy by using his son. Will Kulfi find out Sikandar’s helpless situation? Keep reading.

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