Kundali Bhagyaa Bahu Begum Shakti Raja Beta Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Throwback how Preeta Karan story started

Kundali Bhagyaa Bahu Begum Shakti Raja Beta Spoilers Karan continues to fight with the terrorists for Preeta. Police fire the bullets at the terrorist, injuring on of them. The boss of the terrorist throws a bomb near Preeta and Karan. Karan sees that and gets worried for Preeta’s life. He is brave enough to fight the dangers. However, Preeta gets injured and faints. Karan holds her in his arms and takes her out of the hotel after saving her. He realizes Preeta’s place in his heart and life. He finds hard to forget the bitter terms and accept her.

Shakti: Shanno gets more determined to find Heer’s truth to take revenge from Preeto. Shanno feels puzzled seeing Mahi’s hatred for Heer. She wonders how can a mother hate her child to this extent. Vedant plans to get Saya burnt during the Navratri celebrations. Soumya prays to Goddess to give her strength to end the kill. Vedant changes his avatar and disguises as an old man. He comes there. Everyone is playing and celebrating Navratri. Raavan’s idol is shown. Soumya along with her kids join the celebrations outside Harak Singh’s house.

Raja Beta: Pankhudi puts medicine in Purva’s water pot to make her lose her voice forever due to the influence of Alakshmi. Vedant comes out to Purva holding the water jug with Dadi. Purva gets happy. Vedant breaks her fast for humanity’s sake as a doctor. Devi Parvati couldn’t see Alakskhmi doing wrong with Purva through Pankhudi.

Bahu Begum: Qazala asks Azaan to introduce his wife to the guests. Azaan tells that many days have passed for his marriage, but he didn’t introduce his wife officially till now. He asks them to welcome the most amazing woman in the world. Just then, Noor steps down the stairs and the limelight falls on her. Everyone sees her in Mujra dress and taunts that the dress is suiting her, she is looking like Mujra girl. Azaan is shocked and runs to Noor. He asks her why did she come here and tells that he has planned a surprise for Shayra. He says this is of Shayra. Shayra is locked in the room and tries to come out. Qazala smiles thinking about the fight which will happen between them and ruin their relation.

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