Kumkum Bhagya Purab Disha love reunion twist

Kumkum Bhagya Purab Disha love reunion twist

Kumkum Bhagya Purab Disha love reunion twist Ranbir and Prachi have a clash. He gets irritating her. He tells her that he is much angry on her for not informing him before leaving her house. Their fight goes on for long. Ranbir doesn’t want her to trouble him. Abhi shares Purab’s sorrow. Purab tells him that he couldn’t accept Disha moving on with someone. He wanted to get away from everyone. Abhi asks him to give a right to her to move on. Purab knows that Disha doesn’t love Ritik. He is hurt that Disha is angry and wants to keep him away. He has seen her love.

He doesn’t want to stay away from her. He wants to fix things in his life. Abhi feels the same for Pragya and his life. He wants Pragya back so that they can stay happy together. Meanwhile, Pragya asks Disha to move on in life with Ritik. She likes Ritik for Disha. Disha tells her that she isn’t alone in her life. Pragya promises to never leave her alone. Elsewhere, Priyanka summons Rishi for a meet. She wants to know if he loves her. She gets mad for him. She likes his anger. He asks her why did she inform him that she is going to die.

She tells him that she can really give her life. He asks her not to trouble him, love doesn’t make a person worse. He tells her that her truth will fix everything. She is worried that everyone will criticize her. Rishi tells her that she should think about themselves and admit the truth. She keeps her conditions. She asks him to slap Shahana and hurt her. She wants him to fall in Pragya’s eyes. Shahana feels she should get an award to sort Ranbir and Prachi’s fight.

Ranbir troubles Prachi further. She wants to pull his hair and kick him out of the house. Sanju gets worried knowing his dad is coming to take back. His friend asks him to shift to another place. Rishi asks Priyanka will she admit the truth if he slaps Shahana. He hates her madness. She wants revenge on Shahana. He tells her that he will fight back. He doesn’t care if she threatens about the suicide. He doesn’t want to slap Shahana, since she is her friend.

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Moreover, Purab misses Disha. He realizes his mistake. He wants to make a new start. He thinks he has to win Disha’s heart once again, since her love would not die for him. Disha takes on Pragya’s advice. She calls Ritik to ask him if he loves her. Ritik admits his feelings for Disha. She doesn’t think their relation is possible. He tells her that he realized his love for her, he can’t see her with Purab. He expresses his true feelings and proposes her for marriage. Disha gets into a dilemma whether to accept his proposal or not. She refuses to him and cancels their partnership. She confesses his love for Purab. Purab looks forward to meet Disha and rekindle their love. Will Disha return in Purab’s life? Keep reading.

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  1. Why Is Rishi not telling Priyanka that Shahana and he don’t have any affairs. I really hate the role play by Priyanka……I feel irritated when I see her in the show.


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