Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Drunken chapter of love

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Drunken chapter of love

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Drunken chapter of love Disha rejects Ritik’s love. He deals with the rejection. He lies to her that he was just joking, he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t want her to sink in guilt. He tells her that she isn’t of his type. He wants to be her friend forever. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to slap him. Disha apologizes to him. She accepts her fault to misunderstand his feelings. Ritik hugs her and forgives. Purab gets into a big misunderstanding when he finds Disha and Ritik together. He feels he has lost Disha, she has really moved on with Ritik. He wishes the best for her.

Meanwhile, Rishi tells Pragya that he went to meet Priyanka, who threatened about suicide. He didn’t wish Priyanka to take any wrong step. He tells her about Priyanka’s condition. He gets puzzled that Priyanka is acting weird. Pragya tells him that Sarita lied to Priyanka about his engagement with Shahana. She tells that Priyanka hates Shahana. She wants to know the exact happening of that day. Rishi tells her about Priyanka’s madness. Pragya tells him that the office peon may help them. She has hopes to find the truth. Purab gets disturbed that Disha has chosen Ritik. He returns home and shares his sorrow with Abhi once again.

He tells Abhi that Disha has moved on, he has seen them together and confirmed it too. Abhi pacifies him. He doesn’t want Purab to reach the conclusion so soon. Purab feels Disha loves Ritik. He wants to give her rights. Abhi tells him that Disha and he should talk once. Purab feels he has lost everything. Abhi tells him that Disha would not be with Ritik, maybe she is with him for a reason. He tells that Pragya was with King for a reason too. He asks Purab not to misunderstand Disha. Purab shatters and feels he is out of Disha’s heart.

Abhi takes Purab with him to cheer him up. He asks Purab to not sink in loneliness, else he will be away from everyone. He talks of his life’s situation. He asks Purab to enjoy his loneliness. They both are on the same page now. Abhi guides him to choose to be happy. He encourages Purab to play a game with him. He tells him that he will get Disha back if he wins the game. Purab doesn’t think this may happen. Abhi tells him that he will definitely get Disha for Purab. He knows that maybe he won’t get Pragya, but Purab should get Disha. Abhi and Purab get into a drinking competition.

Purab gets too drunk and wins the game. Abhi tells them that they are best friends. He tries to relieve Purab’s sorrow. Abhi and Purab share their life’s story with the people in the bar. They get drunk and share their grief in a funny manner. They both sound like troubled husbands in love. Ranbir and Aryan get into a fight. Ranbir across Rhea. He falls in love with her all over again. The moment strikes his heart. Rhea too feels love for him. Rhea wants to confess love to Ranbir soon. He tells her that he will get engaged with her when the time comes. He waits for her confession and approval for their relation. He gets disturbed when she asks him to break Prachi’s heart.

Kahaan Hum

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