Star Plus YRKKH Kahan Hum Spoilers Lined

Star Plus YRKKH Kahan Hum Spoilers Lined

Star Plus YRKKH Kahan Hum Spoilers Lined Kartik and Naira’s romance will be seen once again. They look ahead to meet on the special day of Kairav’s birthday. Manish finds Kartik very happy and wishes on his birthday. Naira gets decked up to stun Kartik. She then realizes that Vedika is between them. Naira wants to stay happy. Kartik too longs for happiness in the form of Naira. Kartik plans a big surprise for Kairav. Naira throws the grand birthday party for Kartik and Kairav. Kartik thanks Naira for supporting him. The close hug brings them together.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Zaroon and Saltanat take disguise to enter Madhav’s house. They trick Sneha and Jugal. Saltanat wants to know Rupali’s truth. Rupali has hypnotized the entire family. Zaroon struggles and takes Indu out. Saltanat asks Sneha and Jugal to step outside the house as well, so that they can get saved from Rupali’s black magic. Rupali tells Madhav that they don’t love each other, they shouldn’t stay together. Rupali understands Saltanat’s trick. She sees Zaroon and Saltanat.

She tells that she knows Madhav loves Saltanat. Her revelation shocks Saltanat. Saltanat didn’t expect Madhav to fall for her. She feels much bad. Zaroon already knew this and didn’t wish Saltanat to get hurt. He had alerted her many times about Madhav’s feelings. Saltanat doesn’t want this matter to come between their friendship. She wants to sort Madhav’s life. She talks to Zaroon about protecting Madhav from Rupali’s evil. Zaroon wants to help Madhav as well.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit finds out the truth that Mahesh is the stalker. Mahesh acts smart to defend himself. He cleverly tricks Rohit into believing that he is just Sonakshi’s fan, who can never harm her. Mahesh asks Rohit to give him a job. Rohit tells him that they hire the staff from the agency, not directly. Mahesh tells him that his car driving is good. Rohit refuses to give him the job. Sonakshi knows Rohit needs a driver. She asks him to get police verification done and take a driving test to hire Mahesh. Rohit takes her advice. He hires Mahesh. She is relieved that Rohit’s tension got less. Mahesh gets close to Rohit and Sonakshi’s lives.

Muskaan: Muskaan and Ronak get married by exchanging the vows with the entire family. Muskaan gets delighted when the family makes sweet vows. Ronak promises to always respect Muskaan and keep her happy. He wants to protect her from all sorts of sorrow and pain. Muskaan tells her that he has completed her identity. She promises to secure all their relations. Ronak wants to just see her smiling face. The family gets happy and congratulates them for the marriage. Sir ji is angered that Muskaan has ruined his family. He wants to ruin her happiness. Doctor tells Sir ji that his burnt face can’t be reconstructed.

Sir ji doesn’t want the scar to get highlighted. He thinks he has to live with the wound forever. He asks doctor to help her. Ronak and Muskaan enjoy the post marriage rituals. Muskaan wins in the ring finding ceremony. Ronak is ready to obey Muskaan. Gayatri wishes them to be happy always. Ronak and Muskaan look ahead to celebrate Karwachauth together. She wants to keep the fast to pray for his long life. Lovely and Bua are still against Muskaan. Ronak and Muskaan begin their new life. Sir ji is determined to burn their happy times. Ronak faints down when he consumes the sweets. Sir ji reaches his home.



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