Kumkum Bhagya Nimki Vidhayak High Peak Drama

Kumkum Bhagya Nimki Vidhayak High Peak Drama

Kumkum Bhagya Nimki Vidhayak High Peak Drama Shahana and Aryan get into a cute fight once again, while clarifying about Ranbir and Prachi’s fight. They fail to get their friends patch up done. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir. Ranbir forgives her easily. He hides the phone call from Rhea. Ranbir hides about Prachi so that Rhea doesn’t get angry on him. On the other hand, Vikram is troubled in gifting jewellery to Pallavi. He asks Pallavi to choose something great. He feels her choice is getting bad. Pallavi doesn’t listen to him. Ranbir laughs on Vikram’s plight. He tells Vikram that he will always be stuck between his mom and wife’s bonding.

Vikram bets that he will make Pallavi and Dida fight. Ranbir doesn’t think its possible. Vikram is sure to win the bet. Ranbir tells him that he will be happy to defeat his dad and celebrate. Abhi throws a Diwali party. He wants to meet Pragya. Rhea welcomes Abhi in the party. Abhi gets compliments. He doesn’t want his family to pull his leg and pair him with Meera. He doesn’t want them to turn Diwali into Valentines. He gets happy seeing his friends, Purab and Vikram. He avoids the women. He tells them that he got nervous when the women targeted them. Abhi and his friends have sweet and funny moments.

His friends complain about their wives. Ranbir doesn’t want Vikram to defame Pallavi by fake complains. He loves Pallavi a lot. Vikram tells how Pallavi has tortured him. Abhi gets hit by Vikram’s jokes. Pragya and her family get ready to attend Abhi’s Diwali party. Pragya gets late and fails to accompany her family. Rhea and Priyanka await Sanju in the party. Rhea plans against Prachi.

Priyanka doesn’t want Shahana to come in the party. Abhi gets into a happy mood and spreads smile around. Rhea tells him that she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Abhi is protective about her. He tells her that he would have not spared her boyfriend if there was any. Aaliya arrives late. She talks about work all the time. She likes to expand Abhi’s business. Abhi wants to surprise Pragya.

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Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki tells her family that they will be shifting to a new house soon. Monu is very happy and wants to celebrate Diwali like before. Nimki misses her dad. They talk of Ram Bachan and get emotional. Ganga learns that Parag isn’t answering the calls. She meets Parag and finds him drunk. She asks him to marry Simran. He refuses to marry Simran. He tells her that he likes Nimki, and wants to marry her. Ganga laughs on his choice. She knows that he doesn’t like Nimki, but wants to marry her to take revenge for the slap.

She criticizes his choice and makes fun of Nimki. Shankar advises her to get Nimki and Parag married for political benefit. Ganga doesn’t want Parag to ruin Nimki’s life. She knows Parag is egoistic. On the other hand, Mintu praises Nimki. He is not scared of Shukla. He wants to work the right way. Mintu speaks to Nimki. She asks him to meet her at the hospital. She wants him to meet Ganga. Mintu doesn’t accept his feelings for Nimki. Nimki and Mahua still have tensions between them. Nimki wants to help Anaro recover. She asks Tunne not to quit his job at Mishra’s place. Mahua misunderstands Nimki.



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