Kahaan Hum Star Nimki Vidhayak Quick Snips

Kahaan Hum Star Nimki Vidhayak Quick Snips

Kahaan Hum Star Nimki Vidhayak Quick Snips Sonakshi shockingly gets the bad news of Rohit’s accident. She can’t believe it. Suman worries for Sonakshi’s fate and future. While they rush to meet Rohit, they realize that its just a surprise twist by Rohit. Rohit makes a special entry in the Sangeet. Rohit tells her that he has got late today intentionally, since she had made him wait on their engagement day. He comes up with a surprising performance for Sonakshi. Sippy family’s dance and entry gets dramatic and grand. Sonakshi enjoys the performance. She praises Rohit for his dance. Netra compliments Rohit and Raima’s talent. Rohit tells Netra that Raima is a good choreographer.

Raima gets the credit. She expresses her annoyance towards Sonakshi. Sonakshi doesn’t mind Raima’s taunt. Meanwhile, Naren makes fun of Sonakshi’s choice of sponsors and ads. Suman gets angered when she finds Naren and others mocking Sonakshi’s hard work and profession. She takes a strong stand for Sonakshi. She wants Sonakshi to be respected by her in-laws. Veena asks her not to cross limits. Suman reminds them their limits. She praises her daughter for her hard work, talent and status. She feels Sonakshi has attained everything herself and is far better than born rich Sippys. She makes Naren speechless.

Elsewhere, Pari is miffed with Rohan knowing about Tanya’s pregnancy. She flirts with Akhil to turn Rohan jealous. Rohan gets upset with her. Pooja calls her family on stage for a stunning performance, where Sippys present Rastogis in a different way. Sonakshi enjoys the unique act a lot. Mahesh makes a plan to corner Sonakshi. He makes the drink spill over her dress. Rohit wants to help Sonakshi in the clean up. Mahesh clears his way by sending Rohit to his dad. Rohit asks Mahesh to be with Sonakshi to secure her. Mahesh finds a good chance to spend time with Sonakshi. Akhil and Pari turn into friends.

They plan a dinner date together. Sonakshi confronts Mahesh for shadowing her always. Mahesh reveals Rohit’s lie to anger her. He tells her that Ravi is innocent and real culprit is still free, who can haunt her again. He tells about Rohit keeping his plan a secret. Sonakshi gets upset on Rohit for hiding things and breaking her trust. Mahesh gets glad to create differences between them.

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Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki isn’t scared of Mishra. She asks Tunne to work for Mishra and inform his activities to her. Mahua is angry that Nimki is putting Tunne at risk. Tunne doesn’t think that Nimki is using him for her motives. Mintu meets Anaro as Babbu Singh. Anaro refuses to get injected. Nimki asks Mintu to convince Anaro. She wants him to have Babbu’s attitude. Anaro gets happy when he acts like Babbu. She wants him to take her home. He asks her to get fine. Ganga wants to make her party powerful. She asks Parag to meet Simran once. Parag doesn’t agree for it. Nimki asks Mintu not to get upset. She asks about his Dadi.

Mintu tells her that he has no one else in his family. She asks him how didn’t he not find out about them. He tells that Dadi never shared any details about his family. She tells him about her family. She gets emotional telling about Mahua. Nimki celebrates Diwali with Abhimanyu’s family. Nimki plays the game with everyone. She makes Mahua win. Mahua gets into an argument when she finds Nimki bossing over Tunne. Sweety sends Abhimanyu and Nimki to get icecream for everyone.

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