Kasautii Starplus Bajaj missed Prerna suffers

Prerna Bajaj Twisty Kasautii New love story begins

Kasautii Starplus Bajaj missed Prerna suffers Mohini doesn’t want Anurag to connect with Sharmas again. She tells Anurag that she is taking care of Sharmas by helping them financially. Komolika finds the dramatic family. She impresses Mohini. Mohini asks Komolika and Anurag to visit the temple and get blessings by Kuldevi. Komolika convinces Anurag by taking Mohini’s side. Mohini finds her the best choice for Anurag. Anurag and Komolika visit the temple. Prerna is already present there to pray for Anurag. She gets surprised when she meets Anurag there. She doesn’t want him to get compelled by the memory flashes that may result in a brain stroke.

She gets away from Anurag for the sake of his well being. Anurag and Komolika meet the pandit, who asks them to carry out the puja rituals. Pandit guides them. Prerna watches Anurag after far. Anurag senses her presence. Prerna recalls their marriage that happened in the same temple. She gets too upset. Anurag’s rituals get obstructed by Prerna’s presence. He fails to complete the puja. Komolika tells that they will be completing the puja next time. Anurag is glad that he doesn’t have to do it again. Anurag does charity. Komolika assists him. Prerna and Anurag get into a moment again. He tries to meet her, but she maintains the distance.

Fate brings them together again. Prerna gets hit by Anurag’s car. Driver tries to sort the matter. The people support Prerna and yell at the driver. The matter goes out of driver’s hands. Anurag intervenes to apologize to the victim. He realizes its Prerna, Rajesh’s daughter. He greets her formally like he used to talk to her in college. She realizes that he has totally forgotten her. Komolika gets miffed watching their togetherness. Anurag finds Prerna much hurt. Though she resists to take his help, he takes her with him to drop her home. Prerna doesn’t bond with him. He feels some connectivity with her. She isn’t able to walk.

Anurag helps her. He carries her in arms, which angers Komolika further. Anurag and Prerna’s special moment shocks Prerna’s family. Anurag informs Veena about his marriage with Sonalika. He pays his condolences about Rajesh’s loss. Veena realizes he has lost his memory. She is much upset that Prerna is facing this injustice from fate. She knows Prerna is pregnant and Anurag doesn’t know about his child. She can’t even tell Anurag about Prerna’s pregnancy.

Mohini doesn’t want Anurag to know about his relation with Prerna. She asks Moloy not to share the truth with Sonalika. Anurag bonds with Prerna. Komolika doesn’t like their meetings. Veena sheds tears thinking about Prerna’s sorrow. Prerna’s good friend and ex-husband Bajaj’s presence gets missed in her life, during such sorrowful times, when Anurag has forgotten her and is no more with her like a true companion.

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Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke


  1. Kindly don’t drag the story any more .. by some other way it is the repition … Now everything shud get over and anurag and prerna should be shown together after all she is going to be the mother of a child and anurag as father .. enough of drama .

  2. Please for sometime make the story positive bonding prerna and Anurag let komolika n bajaj not come in this new kasauti Zindagi ki this story should be fresh as it’s new generation prerna and Anurag

  3. I was a big fan of KZK. But it has started sucking to the core! Prerna and Bajaj were going good. The exit of Bajaj and entry of Sonalika has totally turned us off the show. It’s not watchable anymore!
    There’s a limit to beating around the bush with the same old unrealistic plastic surgeries!

    • A really agree with @Shristy. Even I read reviews of kzk.But NW I have a less appetite in it. They should bring Bajaj back.his story is incomplete. Can u guys remember that he said that he has to clarify himself to prerna. And tell who is cooky’s mom ! My opinion is that they must bring Bajaj back and mKe a link with Komolika. And that would help Anurag to regain his memories.Otherwise I’ll quit watching kzk.


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