Kasautii Bajaj reentry expected Komolika plots evil

Kasautii Bajaj reentry expected Komolika plots evil

Kasautii Bajaj reentry expected Komolika plots evil Anurag’s arrival, presence and behavior shocks entire Sharma family. Veena feels he is still their old Anurag. She wants to know if he really lost his partial memory. Anurag tells her that Prerna got hurt because of his driver’s mistake. He apologizes for it and takes care of Prerna. He stays humble and sweet like before. Veena gets a shock when Anurag introduces Sonalika as his wife. Veena feels Prerna’s pain. Komolika enjoys their plight. She watches their pale faces and hidden sorrow. She thinks she was so willing to see this fight.

Veena covers up her tears. On the other hand, Mohini takes a decision. She tells the family that they have to hide about Anurag and Prerna’s relation truth from Anurag and Sonalika as well. Her daughters support her. Anupam and Moloy ask her why does she not want Sonalika to know truth, she has a right to know Anurag’s past. She tells them that Anurag will soon know his past if they tell anything to Sonalika. She tells that it will be big risk of Anurag tries to recall his past. She doesn’t want to lose him. Komolika tells Veena about Anurag’s memory loss and fragile mental state. Anurag gives condolences for Rajesh’s loss.

Komolika is happy that she had killed Rajesh and still safely meeting his family. Mohini doesn’t want Sonalika to dump Anurag on knowing the truth. She wants his marriage to stay intact. She convinces Moloy. He wants to tell the truth when the right time strikes. Veena can’t tolerate Prerna’s sufferings. She feels it will be more troubling if Prerna faces Anurag again and again. She thinks Prerna shouldn’t stay here. She wants to take Prerna away. Shivani asks her not to make Prerna lose her relations.

Veena asks her to evaluate Prerna’s pain. Komolika is glad that Veena has taken the right decision and taking Prerna away, which would mean Prerna won’t come between Anurag and her. She wants to win Anurag’s love. Anurag and Prerna get into a formal talk. He feels some connection with her when he sights the anklet. She lies to him. He asks her to tell him if their friendship went ahead. Prerna doesn’t want to tell him about their love relation. Komolika gets insecure on finding their eyelock. She intentionally gets his attention by having a planned fall. She injures herself and gets his attention.

She realizes that Anurag is still caring for Prerna more than her. She demands him to take her home. Anurag wants to know what is Prerna hiding from him. He reads her face and wants a convincing answer from her. Komolika wants to make Prerna out of their lives. She worries when Anurag tells about his strange connect with Prerna. Mohini wants him to be away from Sharma family. Prerna regrets that Anurag has forgotten her completely. She doesn’t know if she should keep hopes or not. Anurag turns innocent, while Komolika plays her mean games.

The show gets boring with a repeated track between Komolika. Anurag and Prerna. Anurag’s partial memory loss twist gets uncalled drama. The track was more interesting with Mr. Bajaj’s conspiracies and change of heart. Will Mr. Bajaj make a re-entry in Prerna’s life, since he had already warned Anurag of his return if Prerna gets hurt? Keep reading.



  1. Anurag should regain his memory but keep silent to find out the reality about sonalika . Then expose her in front of all surprising everyone .It would be more interesting if anurag and prerna secretly are hand in hand and expose kamolika. Donot get back bajaj.

  2. Have they forgotten about the baby..The Basus never questioned how the mother to their grandchild would survive away from them..

  3. Plz anurag and prerna story boring hai , plz mr. Bajaj come back asap without you this show flop and worst. Ksg come back as bajaj.


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