Starplus Kasauti Zindagi Destiny surprises Anurag Prerna

Starplus Kasauti Zindagi Destiny surprises Anurag Prerna

Starplus Kasauti Zindagi Destiny plots Anurag Prerna Anurag’s absence upsets Komolika. She gets angered thinking Prerna has called him for help. She doesn’t want to spare Prerna if she is coming in his way again. Anurag is worried for Mohini. He wants to keep his family again. He thinks its time to change and get his life back on track so that he gives a relief to his family. She wonders why isn’t he showing interest in her. She wants him to accept her soon. On the other hand, Prerna feels sorry when she finds Veena shattered and losing belief. Veena feels unjust that everything is getting ruined in their lives. She feels they should leave the city and go to live in their village.

Prerna doesn’t think they should run from problems. She encourages them by reminding Rajesh’s words. Veena gets glad to see Prerna’s strong side. The family agrees to Prerna’s idea of building their house from the scratch without accepting defeat. Prerna is sure to keep her family happy. Komolika thinks Prerna has lots to suffer. She wants to make her life hell. Anurag surprises Mohini by performing the aarti like before. He gets his wife for the aarti as well. Mohini gets happy watching them together. She blesses her Bahu for bringing her son home and restoring their happiness. Prerna wants to find a job so that she can support her family.

Shekhar and Veena ask her not to work in pregnant state. Prerna tells them that she wants to balance her family expenses and also come out of her depressing phase. She wants to move on in life. Veena supports her. She wants Prerna to forget Anurag and live happy. Prerna feels blessed. She makes plans of renovating her house. Anurag too wants to move on by joining business. He plans to start a new business venture to lead. Moloy and Nivedita get happy for him. They ask him to handle a new project. Anurag accepts their ideas. Prerna sheds tears when she finds her house burnt. She recalls their past memories.

The entire family gets together to clean up the mess. Prerna is glad to see their unity. Nivedita tells Mohini that Anurag is changing into their old Anurag. Mohini gives the credit to Komolika for bringing the good change. Komolika wants to target Mohini, Anurag’s weakness. Anurag tells Mohini that he has planned to start the new company. Anurag and Prerna meet once again at his company, where Prerna gets hired as secretary. Prerna gets stunned when fate brings her in front of Anurag again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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