Kasautii Starplus Anurag Prerna new journey begins

Kasautii Starplus Anurag Prerna new journey begins

Kasautii Starplus Anurag Prerna new journey begins Prerna gets assigned with duties to welcome the new boss. Anurag arrives at his new office and meets Prerna. He realizes she is the same person whom he has seen on the way. He then identifies her as Prerna. They both get a surprise on seeing each other. Prerna has all the memories intact in mind. Anurag gets a warm welcome by the staff. Anurag has no memories to reconnect. She gets emotional. Prerna learns that she has to assist Anurag in work. Anurag meets his entire staff. Prerna doesn’t reveal that she knows Anurag already. She behaves weird.

Anurag senses that she was also his fan in college. She acts clumsy, which makes him tag her strange. This results in their argument. They share that its their first day in the new office. Prerna revives the old moment. Anurag feels a moment striking his memory, when he was close to Prerna in Basu publication office. He wonders about the strange feeling. He wants his answers. Prerna doesn’t want to call her clumsy. They get close for a minute.

Prerna gets happy that Anurag is her new boss, since her hopes about his memory regaining got high. She hopes that he remembers her. Anurag doesn’t miss Sonalika. Komolika calls him to remind him that she exists in his life. Anurag doesn’t care. He calls Nivedita to ask her help. He asks her to get a file which he missed at home. Komolika finds a chance to meet Anurag at office. She takes the file to him by taking Nivedita’s help. She throws the tantrums of the company owner when she gets hindered. She wants to surprise Anurag.

She wants to get Anurag’s love soon. She doesn’t know that Prerna is also in the same office. Prerna bumps into her but gets away in time. Komolika misses to see her. She doesn’t find Anurag in his cabin. She keeps her photo on his desk to remind him their marriage. Anurag leads the conference. Prerna’s clumsiness irritates Anurag. He becomes her secretary to help her out. Komolika asks the manager for Anurag. She reveals that she is Anurag’s wife. He welcomes her well and takes her to the conference hall.

Anurag ends up tearing the saree cloth while trying to free it from the door handle. Prerna makes a way out before Komolika sees her. Prerna feels bad when she finds Anurag and Sonalika in a romantic moment. Anurag doesn’t respond to Sonalika. He doesn’t feel like connecting with her heartily. He finds a photo of Prerna and himself. This makes him restless to know if he was into a relationship with Prerna. He questions his parents about Prerna. Komolika acts ignorant of the truth. Anurag wants his answers.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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