Kulfii Kumarr Baajewala StarPlus Sikandar Shockin confess

Kulfii Kumarr Baajewala StarPlus Sikandar Shockin confess

Kulfii Kumarr Baajewala StarPlus Sikandar Shockin confess A constable reaches Sikandar to inform him about Kulfi reaching the police station. Kulfi is deeply worried after knowing about Sikandar’s misdeed. She feels Sikandar hasn’t changed yet. She fears to reveal his crime to the police. Inspector interrogates her to know about her parents. She thinks of Kulfi being a witness of the fire incident. Jimmy gets into Sikandar’s plan when Raju tricks him. Inspector learns that someone has burned the property deliberately. Inspector asks Kulfi if she fainted after spotting the culprit. Raju doesn’t let Jimmy check the truck. He threatens to expose him.

Jimmy gets the truck into custody. Sandy tells him that the truck is empty. Jimmy can’t believe this. Sikandar reaches Kulfi to know why is she with police. The inspector questions him about Kulfi’s presence at the fire incident site. Sikandar realizes that Kulfi is in shock since she has seen him burning the building. He fear to fall in Kulfi’s eyes. Inspector tells him that Kulfi was found unconscious. He asks her to talk to his lawyer. He wants to take his daughter home. He lies that he was at home. Inspector suspects him. Sikandar tries to break Kulfi’s silence. He wants to talk to her and explain.

Kulfi regrets that the testing times have made him break his promise again. She didn’t wish him to become evil. They come home. Kulfi feels she shouldn’t talk to Sikandar. He asks her to talk. She tells him that she went to the fair and lost the way. She had reached the building and found Sikandar there. She feels terrible. Raju informs Sikandar that Jimmy has lost his money and pirated CDs also. Sikandar doesn’t know to celebrate his win or not after falling in his daughter’s eyes. Kulfi judges Sikandar’s deeds. She feels poverty can’t change a person, it can’t become helplessness that he takes the path of crime. She feels sorry.

Moreover, she visits her home which holds many good memories. She learns that Sikandar has come there as well. Sikandar gets emotional when he steps in his house. He feels dizzy. Raju takes care of him. Sikandar wants his daughters to stay with him. He gets Jimmy’s pirated CDs stocked up at his old home. He knows Jimmy can never track him there. Kulfi learns his shocking truth when she finds Sikandar into the criminal act. She spies on him to know his helplessness. She overhears Sikandar and Raju’s conversation.

Jimmy wonders who is snatching everything from him. He wants to know the enemy ruining him. Sikandar tells Raju that his motive is to regain everything he lost. He admits the truth that he had kidnapped Fateh to get back his property from Jimmy. He doesn’t regret his actions. He knows Kulfi won’t understand this. He wants to earn black money to compete with Jimmy. He feels his revenge has got completed. Sikandar feels he will reach his goals by making his own way. Inspector targets Kulfi to get evidence against Sikandar. Will Kulfi testify against Sikandar and get him arrested for his crimes? Keep reading.

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  1. No kulfi will not allow her father to be arrested she will try to know the reason behind it. Hopefully she will correct her father. We love sikander and kulfi very much. I feel sorry for kulfi


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