Kundali Bhaggya Zee Huge Shocker for Luthras

Kundali Bhaggya Zee Huge Shocker for Luthras

Kundali Bhaggya Zee Huge Shocker for Luthras Rishabh breaks the shocking news to the family. He doesn’t know how is this possible. He can’t believe that Preeta has sent the formal notice to Karan. Sherlyn gets glad to watch their shocking faces. Kareena tells the family that Preeta has demanded a hefty alimony for divorce. Karan gets angry. Rishabh feels Preeta can’t do this. Kareena tells them about Preeta’s big demands. Sherlyn praises herself for planning this shocking notice. She reads the clause, that Preeta will file the case on Karan if he fails to pay the alimony.

The Luthras can’t believe this. Sherlyn makes the entire family against Preeta. Kareena blames Rakhi for blindly trusting Preeta and pampering Aroras. Karan gets speechless. Rakhi sheds tears and regrets to believe Preeta. Kareena tells Rakhi that she is responsible for ruining her own family for a stranger. She tells that Preeta is taking revenge on them. Kareena asks them the plan of action in response to Preeta’s notice. Rishabh doesn’t want Kareena to blame Rakhi always. He doesn’t think Rakhi is at fault. He feels its their mistake to like Preeta and face this day.

He wants to call Preeta and discuss about the notice, rather than arguing between the family. Dadi wants Kareena to decide about Preeta and Karan, since Kareena was always right about Preeta.


Karan wants to end the matter right away. Preeta is upset over Karan’s lies. Preeta faces new troubles. She asks Shrishti not to stay in touch with Sameer. Shrishti lies to her. Sameer tells Shrishti about the big move by Preeta. He asks her why didn’t she stop Preeta. She wants to know what did Preeta do. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t think its possible. She tells him that Preeta is much angry. He also feels angry on Preeta. He tells her about the legal notice sent by Preeta.

Shrishti can never believe this. Kareena doesn’t let Sameer complete the talk. She switches off the phone. Shrishti wants to know the problem. Kareena scolds Sameer for being in touch with Shrishti. She asks him to be loyal to Karan. Sameer knows that Karan and Preeta love each other and just hurting because of ego. Kareena warns Sameer about the dire consequences. Karan gets angry on seeing his mom’s insult. He knows that Kareena also loves him a lot. Karan also can’t accept that Preeta has sent such a notice. He doesn’t know how could Preeta take this step. Karan feels Preeta is wrong, she pretended to care for them and now played the big move of fulfilling her greed. He regrets to marry Preeta. He wants to send her a reply legally.

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  1. Sheryln and prithvi plan this move so she get what they want and i say karan should go and find the truth of preeta and it the mpther stay out of this

  2. Why does Sheryln and Prithvi get away with all the evil things they are doing. That turns me off from looking at the programme.

  3. Mxm sherly sherlyn sherlyn this story is now boring cs Evil always triumphs over goodness. Can’t this soapie end once and for all. These story is a total bore now plz end it soon and bring something worth watching. I’m tired of seeing preeta cry

  4. It is not fair for preeta karan shud go and sort this issue with preeta and shud know the truth too… Sherlyn n prithvi shud be caught red handed now… Its high time serial is loosing its charm… If now some good doesn’t happen my friends n me will stop seeing it… Ratings will move down for sure to protect them do something good…

  5. V all njoy the serial. Bt nw it is tooo much to see prithvi nd sherlyn doing evil nd nt being caught. V r tired. Show us some gd loving time between pritha nd karan. . Wt a lovely pair ?plz plz

  6. I totally agree,this story of Prithvi and Sherlyn is so boring, can’t this end, do the writers not have anything interesting. Such a waste of time, absolute trash.


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