Kahan Hum Starplus Kidnapping Bride swap High drama

Kahan Hum Starplus Kidnapping Bride swap High drama

Kahan Hum Starplus Kidnapping Bride swap High drama Sonakshi will be getting trapped in a huge fire, because of Mahesh’s devious plans. Rohit suspects Mahesh completely. He calls Sonakshi to warn her. He summons Mahesh so that Sonakshi stays safe. Rohit asks Mahesh to immediately come home for urgent work. Mahesh feels Rohit is suspecting him. He doesn’t want to lose Sonakshi. He gets happy when Sonakshi’s hand touches his hand. He doesn’t want to go away. He wants his plan to work out so that Rohit himself makes him stay with Sonakshi.

He thinks Rohit can’t win now. He thinks he can easily use the power switches for his motives, since he holds much knowledge about electricity lines. He works out his evil plan by short circuit move. Sonakshi gets a huge shock when the switch board blasts and catches fire. The room soon gets on fire. She calls her family for help. She gets suffocated by smoke. The family tries hard to help her. They don’t get the idea to break the door and insist Sonakshi to unlock the door herself. Sonakshi fails to reach the door. Mahesh comes to rescue as a hero, hiding that he is the villain who ignited the fire. Mahesh breaks the door.

He saves Sonakshi from a pot on fire. He suffers some burns. He rescues Sonakshi and feels heroic. The family gets glad that he rescued Sonakshi. They get grateful to Mahesh. Rohit and Yash reach Rastogis when Mahesh doesn’t return home. Rohit gets angry finding Mahesh with Sonakshi. He learns about the fire incident and Mahesh rescuing her. He is also grateful to Mahesh. Yash clears his doubt on Mahesh. Suman requests Rohit to let Mahesh stay back at home for their help. Rohit agrees. He wants to find the culprit. Netra faces a meeting with the channel personnel. She doesn’t want to call Sonakshi from her marriage.

She tries to adjust an episode with few flashback scenes. The channel doesn’t agree to her after facing a tough competition. Netra gets helpless when the channel decides to pull off the plugs. Netra doesn’t want her show to go off air. She feels weird to call Sonakshi at this time and ask for her help. Netra gets in dilemma. Sonakshi also thanks Mahesh for his timely help. Mahesh plans Sonakshi’s kidnapping. Rohit is assured that Mahesh saved Sonakshi’s life and he may not be harming her. He wants the police to find the stalker.

Rohit goes home to get ready for his marriage. Its a big day for him. Rohit gets into his groom attire. Mahesh learns that Netra doesn’t want to call Sonakshi on the sets for the shoot. He cleverly informs Sonakshi about Netra’s problem. Sonakshi calls up Netra to know the problem. She learns that the back up scenes clip got destroyed. She wants to shoot at her own house to help Netra and also keep Suman’s heart. Mahesh wants Sonakshi to leave from the house, so that he can get away with her. He conspires to stop the crew unit from reaching Sonakshi’s house. He compels Sonakshi to come out alone.

Sonakshi learns about the accident on the way. She hides from Suman to head to the sets. Mahesh deceives Sonakshi after convincing her. After winning compliments, Rohit spends celebration time with family. Raima gets jealous that she isn’t in any frame. She wants Rohit back. Sulochana helps her in taking Sonakshi’s place in mandap. Raima wants to marry Rohit. Mahesh kidnaps Sonakshi and tortures her to forcibly marry. Sonakshi will get free from Mahesh’s clutches and reach the mandap to stop Rohit and Raima’s marriage. Rohit and Sonakshi get married.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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