Yehh Rishtaa Tonight Starplus Kaira ultimate romance

Yehh Rishtaa Tonight Starplus Kaira ultimate romance

Yehh Rishtaa Tonight Starplus Kaira ultimate romance Naira couldn’t help on seeing Kartik getting hurt badly. She shouts his name which gets overheard by one and all, including Kairav. Kartik fears that his truth has come out in front of his son, but fortunately, the fate stays on his side. Kairav doesn’t realize that Jolly Singh could be Kartik himself. He apologizes to Jolly for being called as Kartik, his old dad. He makes Naira apologize to Jolly and wants her to start loving him. Naira gets helpless to agree to Kairav. Kairav’s innocent mind doesn’t understand Kartik’s plan. He feels Kartik didn’t deserve them. The family plans a new game. Kartik and Naira get emotional.

She asks him not to suspect that she deliberately tried to reveal his truth to Kairav. She is happy that Kairav didn’t understand anything. Kartik doesn’t suspect her. He tells Naira that he doesn’t have any doubt on her intentions, she shouldn’t feel guilty, everyone makes mistakes. He is glad that everything is going on fine. Their emotional moment brings them into a romantic moment. They flow in their emotions in a beautiful moment, looking made for each other. Naira finds it wrong and distances herself. She doesn’t want Kartik to come close to her, since he is married to Vedika.

Kartik doesn’t find anything wrong, even when he knows the truth that she is his ex-wife now. Kartik badly longs for Naira in his life. Their romance moment soon breaks. Naira diverts her mind by going to the family. Kairav and Vansh reveal the lotus catch game. Naira doesn’t like the game and stops them from stepping inside the pool. Kartik understands her fears and refuses for the game. Kairav tells him that they have to use a rope to catch the lotus from the pool water. He announces the couple game and wants to test their love.

He wants Jolly to win the game and prove his love for Naira. Kartik is ready to do anything for Naira. Gayu wants Samarth to win for Vansh’s sake, but Samarth doesn’t agree. He just gets involved for Kairav’s sake. This leaves Gayu upset. Surekha meets Akhilesh at the resort. Akhilesh sees his family from far and sheds tears. He longs for them. Dadi finds Surekha’s activity suspicious and asks Suwarna to find out by asking Surekha itself. Naira gets scared and protects Kairav. She wants to stop them, but the game soon ends. Kartik gets the lotus for Naira. He hugs Kairav and gets happy when he is called the best father.

He wants Kairav to accept him forever. He gives the lotus to Naira and tells her that the lotus meaning Kairav will always keep them together. The family has a union. Vansh finds Surekha crying and informs the family. He tells that Surekha is with a stranger. The family asks the kids to stay at pool side and go to see Surekha, if she is in some trouble. The Goenkas meet Akhilesh. They don’t get glad to see him because of his mistakes. Surekha cries out her pain, since she isn’t strong like Naira to stay separated. She forgives Akhilesh, who had been fighting with his illness again. She wants Goenkas to forgive Akhilesh and get him home again for the sake of their children.

She wants to save Akhilesh’s life by forgetting the hatred. She feels Akhilesh had repented a lot already. Akhilesh doesn’t find anyone supporting him. He feels the family isn’t ready to accept him. Surekha begs Dadi to get him home. Naira and Kartik learn about someone’s fall into the pool. She fears for Kairav and runs to the pool, which leads to her fall. Kartik saves her heroically and gets his truth exposed in front of Kairav. Will Kairav forgive Kartik, knowing the fact that Kartik saved Naira’s life and proved to be a good husband? Keep reading.

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