Kahaan Hum Shocking Rohit Raima tie the knot

Kahaan Hum Shocking Rohit Raima tie the knot

Kahaan Hum Shocking Rohit Raima tie the knot Mahesh and Sonakshi get close to get spotted by some men, who come to the isolated place for the shoot of a horror movie. The film crew find the haunting place appropriate for the shoot. They check the place well, while Mahesh hides Sonakshi from their sight. Sonakshi tries to shout. Mahesh ties her up. On the other hand, Raima is tensed. Sulochana tells her that Rohit didn’t learn anything from Pooja, the marriage can happen smoothly. She asks Raima to stay relaxed. The film crew decide to shoot at the place the next day. They make a leave in some time. Mahesh and Sonakshi get hurt while avoiding them. Mahesh gets dizzy.

Sonakshi makes an attempt to escape. Mahesh stops her. He doesn’t want her to get away. Sulochana assures to handle the matter for Raima. She lies to Suman and Veena about Sonakshi’s promise to Rohit, that she won’t lift the veil until the marriage completes. She asks them not to see the bride’s face and commit any bad omen. Veena wonders where did Raima go. Sulochana cooks up a story. She tells Veena that Raima had gone to take care of her ailing mother. Suman feels sorry for Raima, who had faced a lot in this age.

She tells that she used to misunderstand Raima, but later got to see her goodness. She blesses Raima to be happy forever. Sulochana doesn’t let Veena call Raima. Raima doesn’t want to get caught. Suman finds Sulochana up to something again. She gets rude towards Sulochana and asks her to just stay as a guest in the function. She tells Veena that Sulochana likes to play with people’s minds and emotions to divide them. She tells how Sulochana brainwashed her to enquire about Rohit’s property. Veena gets disappointed with Sulochana.

She doesn’t want Suman to lose her cool. She confides with Yash. Sonakshi falls in real trouble because of Mahesh. Suman fears that Sulochana will try to create some scene. Veena tells Naren and Yash that Sulochana tried to break Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage. Yash asks Sulochana to make a leave. This hurts Sulochana a lot. Sulochana gets angry on Veena and curses that Rohit will never live happy. Veena gets disturbed. Mahesh tells Sonakshi that she is just of him. Sonakshi tries to get some help.

Veena doesn’t want anyone to break Rohit’s marriage. Yash feels sorry for his mum. He gets slapped by Sulochana. Sulochana gets heartbroken and leaves from the marriage function. Rohit gets happy that the puja is over. He meets his bride and gets overjoyed. Rohit and Raima exchange the garlands. Pandit asks Pooja to tie the knot to commence the marriage. Pooja is confused and upset. She ties the knot of their Gathbandhan unwillingly. Yash finds her disturbed and wants to know the matter. Rohit and Raima tie the knot to proceed for marriage.

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Kundali Bhagya


  1. Please don’t let Rohit and sona’s departed from each other we luv to see ronakshi unite if rains wl get married to Rohit 3 lives and emotions will be distribed

    • Why do you want us disheartened. I will stop watching the serial if Rohit and Raima get married. Please think of something else rather than separating the lovely couple.

  2. I thought KHKT was a ‘hatke’ show and started watching a soap opera after a long long time. But its diaspponinted just like so many of them… making a mockery of viewer’s intelligence. In today’s age they are still showing a bride covering her face during wedding and being able to fool people. And sonakshi left her own wedding in full presence of police commissioner and his forces.

    Come on guys.. show us some real stuff.. you can do better than this!


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