Kasauttii Starplus Mohini suspects Bajaj Prerna’s child

Kasauttii Starplus Mohini suspects Bajaj Prerna's child

Kasauttii Starplus Mohini suspects Bajaj Prerna’s child Mohini gets angry that Prerna has come home, knowing about Anurag’s fragile mental state. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Anurag. Kumud fuels the fire. She tells Mohini that Prerna is definitely trying to come back in Anurag’s life, she is ready to hurt Anurag, she joined office with a motive. She adds that Moloy knew about this and he is happy about it. Nivedita doesn’t have any anger or happiness. She stays neutral. She just wants Anurag to stay happy. Kumud asks Nivedita to control her husband, even Anupam gets happy to meet Prerna. Mohini agrees with Kumud. She feels both Anurag and Anupam get easily fooled by Prerna. She wants Nivedita to focus on her marriage.

Anurag tells Mohini that he is going to drop Prerna home. Mohini makes an excuse that she has to send a gift for Veena. She takes Prerna with her to reprimand her. Prerna tells her that she was resigning from the job, but fate got her back in Anurag’s life. Mohini doesn’t want her to name her evil conspiracies as fate. She feels Prerna is playing with his life. Anurag tells Mohini that Prerna had resigned, but he rejected that and convinced her to work for him. He really feels that their fates are interlinked, since they always keep meeting. Mohini sends the gift for Veena.

She is much upset that Prerna is trying to break Anurag’s marriage. Komolika gets mad in anger. She slaps herself when she fails to stop AnuPre meeting. She isn’t able to smile and stay happy. She feels Prerna snatched her happiness. She gets revengeful. She wants to snatch Prerna’s happiness by killing her unborn baby. Mohini goes to warn her about Prerna’s interference. Komolika acts ignorant and cool. She tells Mohini that Anurag won’t fall for ugly looking Prerna. She asks her to clear her doubt and seek help from Moloy, who can convince Anurag to change his secretary. Mohini agrees with this suggestion.

She tries to speak to Moloy. She finds him much happy. He is happy to see Anurag and Prerna together, and Anurag still calm minded. He wants Anurag to stay normal and recall the past. He thinks Prerna is a positive impact in his life. Mohini is much angry that he is still favoring Prerna. She doesn’t want him to chant Prerna’s name like her devotee. He reminds her that Prerna is carrying Anurag’s child, the Basu heir, which is an important news for them. Mohini rebukes. She doesn’t think Prerna is carrying their heir.

She tells him that Prerna maybe carrying Mr. Bajaj’s child. She suspects Prerna’s lie. She stains Prerna’s character and gets slapped by Moloy. He fumes on her cheap doubts. He threatens to leave the house along with his children. Mohini’s hatred for Prerna gets increased. She feels Prerna had snatched her son and now also captivated Moloy’s mind. Komolika hatches a plan to get Mohini’s help. She lies about her accidental fall. Mohini comes across the separation line on the bed. She is shocked to know that Anurag and Komolika didn’t come close until now. Komolika tells her that Anurag didn’t know her well because of their sudden marriage.

She thinks honeymoon trip will be good to end their distance. She asks Mohini to arrange a honeymoon trip for them. Mohini happily agrees. Mohini and Komolika find new ways to torture Prerna. They command Prerna to decorate Anurag’s room for his wedding night with his wife. Prerna gets disheartened. Anurag questions Prerna about the child’s father, her husband. Prerna gets speechless. She decides to lie to him. Mr. Bajaj gets wanted in the storyline. Komolika’s crazy drama fails to appeal much. Will Mr. Bajaj return to help his best friend and lover Prerna? Keep reading.

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