Kahan Hum Tum Ronakshi finally married Major twists

Kahan Hum Tum Ronakshi finally married Major twists

Kahan Hum Tum Ronakshi finally married Major twists Raima regrets to cheat Rohit in the mandap. She was dreaming to marry Rohit. She isn’t much obsessed. She gets blind by her insecurities, still her conscience asks her to stop. She feels guilty that she is going to cheat her best friend. Raima realizes her mistake when Sumit makes an entry. Raima apologizes to Rohit and Suman. She didn’t intend to break Rohit’s heart. Sumit supports Raima. He knows that she isn’t bad hearted. He asks Rohit to forgive Raima. Raima isn’t crazy like Mahesh. After this drama, Sonakshi makes an entry in injured state. She tells Rohit that Mahesh had kidnapped her and she struggled a lot to escape and reach family.

She feels things will get fine now, since Rohit is with her. Rohit feels bad when Pooja reveals Raima’s mistake. He can’t believe that Sonakshi was bearing Mahesh’s tortures, just because Raima convinced Sonakshi to leave from the marriage. Mahesh doesn’t spare Sonakshi. Mahesh attacks Rohit and Sippys. He catches Sonakshi again. He threatens to shoot Sonakshi or anyone from the family. He randomly shoots at Sippys. Sonakshi begs Mahesh to leave her family. Rohit takes charge. Mahesh accepts all hs crimes. Everyone gets saved from Mahesh’s madness. Rohit bashes up Mahesh.

He loses his temper and doesn’t want to spare Mahesh. Sippys stop Rohit. Mahesh shoots at Rohit, but Rohan comes in between. Rohan gets shot shockingly. Police arrests Mahesh. Mahesh gets injured when Sippys beat him further. Rohit wants Mahesh out of his sight. Mahesh gets away after the arrest. Rohit apologizes to Sonakshi, since he didn’t knew about her absence in the mandap. Raima feels odd. Sumit hugs and consoles her. He feels her reaction was confused and natural, being Rohit’s ex. He completely supports her.

Raima and Sumit’s Jodi will be seen ahead. Sonakshi gets ready as the bride for Rohit again. She dons the perfect bridal look. Rohit and Sonakshi will get married in the same mandap. Rohit is relieved that Raima didn’t marry him and he got saved from a wrong marriage, all thanks to Pooja and Sumit for bringing the truth out in the nick of time. After the high drama and action scenes, Ronakshi get married, finally….



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