Starplus Mohabbatein Raman Shardul mystery unveiled

Starplus Mohabbatein Raman Shardul mystery unveiled

Starplus Mohabbatein Raman Shardul mystery unveiled Arijit lies to the Bhallas. He tells them that Neeti will get fine and tell about her mum, Namita. Karan questions him about Namita’s surname so that they can find her. He tells that Neeti will be comfortable with her mum. Arijit asks him not to worry, Neeti will be fine with him. Karan finds it weird that Arijit’s details aren’t matching. Arijit fakes the truth further. He tells them that they can’t doubt him this way. He tells Raman that he can take care of his daughter. Raman tells that they also worry for Neeti. He asks Arijit to let Neeti stay with them. He asks him to meet her often and help her recover, but Mihika is the best caretaker of her right now.

Mihika doesn’t give consent to Arijit to take away Neeti. Raman asks Arijit to maintain some understanding. Arijit angrily tells Bhuvan that Neeti identified him. He wants to get Neeti out of Bhalla house. He wants to find someone who can play Namita to fool Bhallas. Raman tells Ishita that he can find out about Arijit’s background by Malhotra. Karan tells him that he will also accompany him. Raman doesn’t listen to him. He asks the family to count on him, he will try to find the truth. The family gets relieved for a while.

They joke on Yug and Aaliya’s romantic dinner. Yug shares his happiness on knowing about Aaliya’s pregnancy. He tells Ishita that he rally wants to have his family, his children, who would complete him. He is grateful to Ishita for making him part of the loving Bhalla family. He is much happy to get their love. He tells Ishita that he is a lucky guy to get all of them. He thinks Aaliya will be a good mum like Ishita. Ishita wishes him all the best for his good thought. Aaliya turns emotional on hearing about his thoughts. She really wants to fulfill his wish by giving him a child. She hopes that they get happiness.


Arijit panics when he fails to file a custody case to get Neeti from Bhallas. Bhuvan fails to get any actor to play Namita in front of Bhallas. Arijit gets angered. He goes to meet fake Raman/Shardul. He meets his secret aide, Shardul, Namita’s brother. He tells that Neeti called him dad after many years. He is glad that she is recovering in Bhalla house soon. He tells that Neeti didn’t take his name. He thanks Shardul for being with Bhallas and helping him find real Raman.

He feels he is able to take revenge on Raman and Ishita because of his help. Shardul tells him that Raman ruined their family in the accident, where they lost Namita forever. He tells that Ishita was his college friend and often helped him, but seeing her true face, he is disheartened.

He tells Arijit that Ishita had covered up the accident truth and this is unpardonable. They want revenge on Raman for killing Namita and putting Neeti in this critical state. Shardul tells him that he hates Raman and Ishita. Arijit is grateful that Shardul is working out his plan. He asks Shardul to find about Raman Bhalla. Shardul informs him that Ishita didn’t reveal anything about Raman Bhalla. Raman Bhalla is finally seen in some hospital. He makes an entry surprisingly.

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