Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit Sonakshi begin new phase

Rohit Sonakshi begin new phase
Picture 2. Rohit and Sonakshi's epic marriage after crossing many hurdles like Raima and Mahesh. The couple ties the knot and makes a relation of lifetime, filled with trust and friendship. Sonakshi proud to be Sonakshi Sippy in this moment.

Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit Sonakshi begin new phase Sonakshi’s Bidaai and homecoming rituals happen with much emotional take from the family. Veena stops the rituals to vent her anger and annoyance on Sonakshi. She tells Sonakshi that everyone in the family were not aware that the bride isn’t Sonakshi, still they were happily going ahead with the function. She thinks of the moment if Rohit got married to Raima. She asks Sonakshi if its fine to take such a big risk and ruin someone’s life. She asks why did Sonakshi not take her opinion or confide the truth. She feels she has regarded Sonakshi as her daughter, but couldn’t win her trust. She regrets to see such a horrible day in her life, when her family fell into trouble because of Sonakshi’s one big mistake.

Veena takes Sonakshi’s class and doesn’t forgive her. Sonakshi loses courage. Rohit and Suman support Sonakshi. They make Veena forgive Sonakshi. Veena worries for her son Rohan also. She hugs Sonakshi and melts her heart after the emotional burst. Rohit tells Veena that Sonakshi will clean her face wounds and come back for the rituals. Rohit adorns Sonakshi again and shows his trust. He loves her a lot. He promises to love her unconditionally. Suman is pleased with Rohit’s gesture. She apologizes to Veena from Sonakshi’s side. Sonakshi didn’t know her mistake will cost their happiness. She feels she had disappointed everyone.

Rohit asks her not to worry and focus on their lives. He is sure that she will settle in his family really well. He makes her ready. Rohit and Sonakshi appear happy in the rituals. Suman gets emotional on Sonakshi’s bidaai. Sonakshi instructs her siblings to take care of Suman. Suman feels glad that Veena will always guide Sonakshi the right way. Sippys also get emotional on seeing Suman and Sonakshi’s tears. Rohit assures that he will be with Sonakshi forever. Raima doesn’t want to go to Rohit’s house. She feels odd to face Rohit and his family after so much melodrama. She shares her concern with Sumit, who offers her help.

He asks her to share his flat. He has a liking for Raima. He wants to help her in every way possible. Raima accepts his help. After a long bidaai ceremony, the Sippys take Sonakshi home for the Grahpravesh. When Rohan is brought from the hospital, the family gets concerned for him. They rush to Rohan out of love and comfort him. Sonakshi stays alone and awaits Rohit. Rohit realizes that he failed in keeping his promise of walking each step with Sonakshi. He apologizes to Sonakshi.

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