Yeh Rishta Starplus Upcoming Kaira face stunning twists

Yeh Rishta Starplus Upcoming Kaira face stunning twists

Yeh Rishta Starplus Upcoming Kaira face stunning twists Naira finds the clues to support Kartik. She aims to find Vedika. She finds out the person who took the van on tent. She gets his address and reaches the locality to find him. She asks Naksh and Samarth to disperse and find out Vedika if possible. They look for the person having the tattoo on his hand. Naira tries to find the van to locate the house. She gets sighted by the goon who alerts Vedika’s Ex. Naira finds Vedika’s Dupatta inside a van. She looks for Vedika at the house. She gets more clues. She wants to know where is Vedika. Vedika’s former boyfriend meets Naira as a helpful guy.

He tells Naira that he couldn’t help Vedika when she was caught by some goons. He tells that he is feeling guilty and regretting a lot. Naira threatens to ask him about his identity. He lies that he works in the godown, he can help her in finding Vedika. He tells Naira that he wants to help her to lessen her guilt. He takes her to the goons’ hideout in the godown. Naira learns about the goons framing Kartik for Vedika’s kidnapping. They plan to kill Vedika and get rid of her. Naira gets worried that Vedika is in danger. She wants to save Vedika at any cost. Naira follows the goons and hides inside the van to rescue Vedika.

The guy also accompanies her and tells her that he will be with her until she finds Vedika. The goons take Vedika in the crate again. Naira wants to attack them some how. She makes a clever rescue plan. Naksh and Samarth look for Naira. They don’t know what she has tracked the goons and went after them. They search for her in the locality. They don’t see her anywhere and inform the family that she is missing. The Goenkas get worried. Singhania pray for Naira’s timely return. Kartik feels restless again. He asks Akhilesh about Kairav and Naira. Akhilesh realizes that Kartik still loves Naira a lot.

Kartik tells Akhilesh that he wants to talk to Naira once. Akhilesh gets the news that she is missing. He hides the news from Kartik. He gets amazed when he finds Kartik sensing Naira in trouble. Naksh and Manish reach the people to get help for finding Naira. Police inspector thinks its their plan to get another date for Kartik’s hearing and covering up Vedika’s case. Inspector doesn’t want to believe their tricks. Manish asks him to believe their real problem and try to find Naira. Inspector talks about Naira’s disappearance. Kartik overhears this and gets panicking. He wanted Naira to stay with Kairav and look after him, when he is also away at this time. He didn’t wish Kairav to live without both his parents.

He wonders what will Kartik do. Manish meets Kairav and tries to cover up for Kartik and Naira’s absence. The family pin their hopes on Naira. They want Naira to return safe. Naksh is worried for Naira. Naira tries to call the family and inform them that she found Vedika. The guy tells her that he doesn’t carry a phone. Naira finds Vedika and rescues her from the goons smartly. Naira finds the way back to Udaipur. Kartik wishes that Naira stays fine. Goenkas and Singhanias reach the court for Kartik’s hearing. Kartik wants to know about Naira. Kartik’s concern for Naira gets in the news.

Manish doesn’t want Kartik to invite troubles by asking about Naira in front of the media. Reporters trouble Goenkas by their questions. They also want to know about Vedika. Naira gets Vedika to them. Kartik knew Naira is brave and can do anything for him. He feels proud of her. Vedika distances Kartik and Naira. She doesn’t let them hug. She hugs Kartik instead. Naira realizes her stand in Kartik’s life. Naira gets Vedika’s ex home. Will Naira find Vedika’s past? Keep reading.

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