Kulfi Kumarr Sikandar extreme move Search for Kulfi begins

Kulfi Kumarr Sikandar extreme move Search for Kulfi begins

Kulfi Kumarr Sikandar extreme move Search for Kulfi begins Tuntuna gets nervous when he calls the police to inform about the Indian girl. He gets in dilemma. He doesn’t know if he is doing right or wrong. He wants to help Kulfi in returning to her country. Himmat meets Sikandar. They head to the bridge where they lost Kulfi. Himmat apologizes to him for taking Kulfi without his permission. She asks him to find Kulfi some how. Sikandar feels shattered that he lost Kulfi forever. He wants to have a belief that his daughter is alive. He wants the police to find her.

The inspector tells him about the possibility that Kulfi reached Pakistan. He explains the dire consequences Kulfi would face if she gets caught by the Pakistan police. Tuntuna wants to go away before police comes. He finds the police questioning the people. Police doesn’t want to spare the people who are supporting refugees. Tuntuna feels he should have not called the police. He thinks to lie to the police. Sikandar gets much depressed. He feels much wrong happened with Kulfi. He can’t express his love for Kulfi. He takes the extreme step and jumps into the river. He wants to find Kulfi at any cost.

On the other hand, Amyra wakes up Lovely early morning. She tells Lovely that they have to use the common bathroom before a queue forms. Lovely can’t believe this. Tuntuna hides Kulfi when the police arrives. The police interrogates him. He wishes that Kulfi doesn’t come out in front of the police. Tuntuna tricks the police. Amyra and Lovely stand in the queue. Amyra asks Lovely not to get impatient. She tells Lovely that they will get one bucket of water for bath. Lovely doesn’t find it right. Raju keeps the coal sack there. Lovely feels sick after going inside the common bathroom.

She runs and makes the water spread on the floor. She falls inside the coal sack. Her face gets blackened. She gets no water to wash her face. She gets herself humiliated in front of the chawl people. Amyra feels bad for her. Later, Kulfi appears in front of the inspector when she hears Tuntuna shouting. Inspector wants to know about him. Inspector interrogates Kulfi and Tuntuna again. Tuntuna tries to make Kulfi away. Inspector finds the matter fishy. He wants to keep an eye on Kulfi. Tuntuna tells Kulfi that police won’t leave her if they know she is from India. He tells that she is in Pakistan.

She gets rejoicing knowing this. He thinks the tension is giving her a moment of joy. She wants to meet everyone and also visit the Gurudwara. Tuntuna asks her to just hide from everyone, no one will support her. He tells her that they are different as their homeland is different. He cares for her, even when he states that they are enemies. She asks him to have friendship with a hug. She tells him that both the countries are neighbors, not enemies. She mentions the common things between the countries. He asks her to go away.

She wants to go to Kartarpur. He guides her. She asks him to accompany her. Being good-hearted, he agrees to accompany her to the Gurudwara. Sikandar wants to find Kulfi. He swims his way to Pakistan, just like Kulfi took an entry. Kulfi gets surprised when she feels Sikandar’s presence. She feels like home. Tuntuna gets ready to help her. Sikandar struggles to get saved from the police.

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