Kullfi Kumar Starplus Upcoming Sikandar huge mistake

Kullfi Kumar Starplus Upcoming Sikandar huge mistake

Kullfi Kumar Starplus Upcoming Sikandar huge mistake Kulfi admits that she is from Mumbai. The men welcome her with much affection, despite the truth. Tuntuna gets surprised when the men don’t oppose her and instead respect her art. They feed sweets to Kulfi and take her home to help. Police inspector gets the news about her origin. Lovely struggles in dealing with the chawl life. She doesn’t want any more hassles because of the chawl residents. She finds Amyra adjusting a lot. Police looks for Tuntuna and Kulfi. The informer tells them about the group. Kulfi and Tuntuna get to eat a lot of food. She gets emotional when a man gives her sweets.

She remembers Sikandar. She thanks him with much love. Tuntuna is glad to see her connecting well with people. Sikandar asks about Kulfi. He gets hints about her and gets desperate to find her. Lovely loses her cool. She doesn’t want to adjust in the chawl. She finds the chawl a worse place than jail. Amyra wants to help her. They get Sikandar’s medical reports. Tuntuna takes Kulfi with him. Sikandar gets helpless in search for Kulfi. He feels like losing himself, but gains courage to not end up before rescuing his daughter. He boards a bus.

Tuntuna accompanies Kulfi to the Gurudwara. Sikandar sheds his sleep and hunger. He hopes to soon find Kulfi. Lovely doesn’t check the medical reports. She tells Amyra that she wants to make their life better than before. She wants to take Amyra with her. She feels Amyra can’t stay there. Amyra has no problem to live in the chawl. Amyra tells her that they won’t be preparing lunch. Lovely thinks they are getting an invite for lunch. Amyra tells her about the temple Bhandaar. Lovely doesn’t want the free food.

Sikandar faces a problem when he is asked to give his ID at the check post. He wants to avoid it and run away. Amyra enjoys the free food. Lovely feels she is turning into Kulfi. She thinks even Tony can’t help her now. Sikandar avoids the check post. Even then, he faces the police. The cops interrogate him. Lovely plans to meet her friend. She wants to look the best. Sikandar tells the cops that he is finding his daughter. He fails to produce any ID. The cops take him to the police station. Tuntuna learns about the strict checking. He thinks he will be in trouble.

Sikandar tells the cops that he had come from India via the river route just to get his daughter from Pakistan. He is sure that she is alive. The cops suspect him to be an intruder with evil intentions. Sikandar tells them about his real identity. He is sure that his fame will help him. The cops don’t believe him. Tuntuna sends Kulfi to Kartarpur alone. He doesn’t want to get caught for helping an Indian. He sheds tears and misses her. The cops try to verify about Sikandar’s identity. Sikandar thinks he will get in more trouble if the cops don’t believe him. Sikandar escapes from the police station. His wrong move makes him fall in suspicion. Tuntuna reconnects to Kulfi. He admits that Kulfi is from India. He wants to help her reach the Gurudwara.

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